my lawyer cant skate….at all.

dear earthlings,

this blog will never be used to put people down or make fun of the little guy or even as a means by which to laugh at some poor non-skater….except today.

my lawyer J.P.Broster can not skate at all. not even a bit. infact he skates worse than i spell….are you getting the picture. he is to ice what i am to grammer.

great turn out, thanx to every one who came it was our ice on friay night and we skated damn hard. i was warned that the ice rink is like a magnet for riff raff. its been 20 years since i was last there and it hasnt changed. the back left side of the rink is still where the youth hang out, but whereas we would be rolling joints they are now all on there phones twittering or facebooking or whatever. i got a few suggestive looks from some hot teens looking to hook up with an older ice devil, they skate around you arm in arm and giggle just like the girl in that old lillets advert. and for a few split seconds you are 15 again and king of all you survey and all of a sudden it comes rushing back to you and you realise that you will never french kiss another girl on the ice EVER again. argghh.

anywho we had fun, we all have blisters and pride issues, but feel the night was worth it (excpet my lawyer).