the return of the naked ice boy…

dear non-skaters,

its on, the rink is open, the ice is very cold (which works out nicely what with the skates and all) my head is in a good space. im feeling very supple/flexable/sexy and tonight ill carve my name into ice history, ill be the fist man to skate naked from one side of the rink to the other wearing only a very old pair of skates that hundreds of filthy non-dove soap using freaks have stuck their siff feet into.

im doing it to create awareness for nelson mandelas lung, (please god dont let this man die).

next month we are planning a go-cart race in the spirit of Taladega Nights (yes i have a man crush on will farrel) and then a Basketball game inspired by the movie Semi-pro (all of which should have one oscars, but the bloody foreign press, dont like comedy…lossers).

so if you want that just bruised knee feeling or that wet bum vibe from constant arse wipeouts…join us at 7:30pm and bring a smile.

juddy-pirouette-double flubber buster-jean de plume-poo (these are all very technical moves that won me my first broonze in Calgary)

ice in the veins


One Comment on “the return of the naked ice boy…”

  1. villy vill check says:

    I will be there… to laugh like a drain…