bringing sexy back to bowling

dear mammals,

the ice was closed but the lanes were open…last night i bowled like a blind pro, i focussed, thought about every move and still didnt even make the top 3. bowling aint my game but ice skating…nows theres a sport i can excel at. i was indoor skate champ 7 years running and even acted as a stunt double for the movie “ice princess” (i was very thin back then).

friday we skate with the grace of a walrus, join me and my group of non skaters at 7:30pm sharp…oh its on folks. you got to dress up. see previous post or watch the movie before friday.

they shoes make you feel like a gay clown



3 Comments on “bringing sexy back to bowling”

  1. villy vill check says:

    True… this Sunday you will bask in the glory of El Diablo… his steed… El Torro Loco…

  2. villy vill check says:

    Hot shoes china… I am surprised that you could make it through an entire game of bowling without cramping… or did the wife have to collect you from another petrol station… hahahahhaahhahahahahahaah

    On another note… I am bringing my peacock on Friday… they call me “the magic man”… that just happened….