tonight we skate

im the big guy, who wants to be my little guy

dear planet earth,

its with great pride and excitement that i announce our first ever “blades of glory” re-enactment at that durban ice rink. should tonight go well, i shall turn this into a monthly ice fest, that will see some of durbans worst skaters taking to the ice in a brave display of sheer will power. the aim will be to pair up with another skater of equal or lesser skill than yourself, and over the next few months practice the very dangerous (as in this move will kill 999 out of the 1000 who try it) art of the IRON LOTUS (please see move for more info).

ill be taking both my nikon s95 and my video camera to record any and all falls, wipeouts and dimemberments. we wont all be coming off the ice tonight folks, should you wish to join us please be at the durban ice rink at 7:30pm sharp. if you dont have a skate partner, no problem…ill be looking for love on the ice tonight. im taking extra thick socks and some micota powder (the 3kg pack) cause i can only imagine what freaks have used those skates before me…oh siff.

none of use have skatd since apparthied, so please dont feel that you will stand out…there will be blood on the ice for sure.



2 Comments on “tonight we skate”

  1. ewok says:

    aaah apartheid…those good old days of skating…

  2. Irene says:

    Hey, what’s this about a Nikon S95??? Wrong make!! CANON S95. Enjoy the skating!! I prefer solid ground beneath my feet…..