hey jude

hey folks, me again.

so ive got this nephew, jude, he is about 5 or 6, my brother doesnt let me near him, i think it stems from when i broke his “action man” 30 years ago. they shouldnt have brought out a toy figure and called “action man” if he couldnt take a 20m parachuteless free fall.

so yesterday this kid started big school, poor bugger, his life of conformity starts. he will now only be allowed out the class room to pee with permission, he can eat lunch when “they” say so. and its for the next 12 years….12 bloody years, i took 14 years but he seems quiet clever.

he does look pretty cool though hey? with his oversized ruck sack and trendy hat. i was lucky enough to meet up with a group of mates from school a few nights ago, guys ive know for like 20 years, and its freaky how weve all changed. we went to weston (a farming institute for boys in mooi river) the guy who was most likely to chase girls around the rugby fields at rovers after the game now has 3 daughters, the guy who id never have thought would go farming is the only one farming and doing well, the guy i was closest to is the guy i see the least, and the guy i spoke to least at school is now the guy i speak to the most. it all seems so long ago, shit it was. i wonder if i would do anything differant if i could go back…..nah, im right where i want to be, fuck lifes great, i never opened a book once or even had stationary (sold it) for the duration of my high school career and that suits me just fine, sure i may have opened this little cafe sooner but i wouldve had to miss out on to much.

good luck Jude, have some fun with that institutaion, dont take it too seriously.


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  1. villy vill check says:

    Now that is a rad hat!!!!!!