week one, gone my chinas

dear whoever came in here on sat,

how was that for a vibe, truly our best week to date and it was our first, the positivity of the people coming in here last week was uber cool. without being to “horoscopey” this looks set to be a great year. most of you said that your buisness was or had picked up. Nev the barber out back had a roaring week hundreds of men walked in looking the beatles and left looking like westlife, my old mans yoga lessons have surged, ive got a mate who does H.R (whatever that is) and she said her phones been ringing off the hook. so ja my chinas lets strap in (not on) for a great fun first filled year.

and just so you all know we are cancelling the outside catering (mainly cause i hate having to take my bike out the van all the time) i just got too busy, but if you want advise on where to go then i have some numbers for you.

my wifes out paddling with some very cute paddle coach (donna winter, roar) but when she gets in ill ask her for some funky special and let you all know.

ok tigers ciao


my brother loves starbucks...but he is going through a divorce