the corner cafe wins best cafe on earth….again

dear non-jewish/non-muslims,

cancel your lunch plans, the wife has produced (out of some larnie cook book no doubt) a salad to end all salads, yes she has focused on seasonal…dah, like dont you know us by now.

the salad is called “judd loves firm peaches”

  • balsamic marinated brittany (not related) red peaches
  • continetal ham shavings
  • danish feta (got to love those danes and thier feta)
  • local cucumber, not the thin ones but the rugby ball looking types
  • pecan nuts, always a must

all that on a rocket and watercress salad, with a light vinigarette dressing.

we`ve had the salad tested and it promotes weight loss and you can see better after just one portion, so forget about you silly staff canteen or the shitty sarmie your wife made, this little cafe on the corner is puching out award winning grub…again.


the miracle salad on the corner, chicks will dig it


2 Comments on “the corner cafe wins best cafe on earth….again”

  1. juddypoo says:

    i wrote it for u….

  2. villy vill check says:

    I just read the words “firm” and “peaches” and lost the ability to read on…