grand opening/my barmitzvah

dear happy customers,

now that was a birthday folks, our first day back and this place was the box that rocked. so cool to see you all again (and your awesome spending power) and the ones who got me presents…ahh guys thanx(ill be selling all the wine and spirit presents to make a huge mark up).

the wife did that nicosie (i cant spell it damit) salad that sold out in 1 hour, and as for our new best mate, chris black from bellevue in kloof, well that kind/recently engaged/rival from up the hill gave my wife his brioche recipe that has been passed down through his family since moses played fullback for the egyptians, the condition was that we return the recipe (uncopied) when we die, seems fair….any who, the wife now does this brioche french toast with roasted peaches and cream with some flowers and stuff on top (also sold out, oh yes folks…its begun).

im rambling, i just wanted to say that im happy to be back at work….i love it here, im safe here in my little bubble on the corner, im all 35 and snuggly and warm.

shot to cafe 1999 after work for some tequila and dinner and that mo, the waiter who i used to like,  gave me a flaming porsche 910 turbo, the open flame singed my eyebrows and i can still taste the melting straw which has had an adverse affect on my breathing patterns, but the duck was sublime.

i wasnt going to allow smeone to come in and not know that i was now 35 damit

this year is the shit folks.

i love you all



4 Comments on “grand opening/my barmitzvah”

  1. Clint (that's clint with an 'n') says:

    Happy NEW Year and Happy Birthday (have to wish you on this site seen as you havn’t accepted my friend request on FB (I get the message dude!)……
    anycase…….Welcome back………… can I pllllleeeeez have a cup of coffee?

  2. Barbara Nash says:

    Welcome back man! So happy you are open to business again :)!

    Time for a party – so best you get cracking at it! xxx

  3. CRAIG (the finance guy) says:

    welcome back the poo’s (juddie and jeannie) poo missed you guys, and finally i got a decent cuppa coffee i only had to wait 19 days this time.

  4. villy vill check says:

    Was good to see you and the wife and J and Mo and JP at 99 last night… isn’t the drink called a “flaming Lamborghini(spelling?)”…

    JP needs to stop wearing those little tight muscle vest type “YMCA” shirts….