i love my little cafe.

dear diary,

the 22nd of december 2010 was the day i slipped off into another mans body, and boy did i treat that body with a large amount of disrespect, its alright though cause today i will leave that body and return to my own.

to say that the wife and i are rested is an understatement…we have slept until 9am on somedays, on one day i woke up 3 times on the couch (pure heaven) we have been to the beach atleast once a day and most times twice, you see my wife has these new “surf ski” friends that meet daily and paddle/gossip, i wouldve put an end to it had they not been very hot. ive been riding my bike everywhere and even did a 29km cycle last weekend, oh yes who`s the daddy. christmas day was fantastic and was held at our house for the first time (mainly cause we never had a house before). new years eve was at Delphi`s, a little greek cafe in windermere road, and we broke plates until they had no more plates, went to the Ghandi`s house with my old man, i drank coffee every morning at cafe Jirran, and saw more of my older brother than ever before(you never normally hear the argument for divorce) and watched over 50 movies.

now im ready for 2011, we open tomorow and not a moment too soon, i really miss my little cafe and its quirky clientelle (thats you china).

this year will be our finest, happy new year folks and thanx for last year.

i love you lank

juddy-turning-35-tomorow(10 jan)-poo


4 Comments on “i love my little cafe.”

  1. villy vill check says:

    Glad to see that you can still type… I hear that Jason came to the cafe to see whether you are alright after the ride on Saturday… hehehehehehheehhe…

    Happy birthday hairy monkey.

  2. simone says:

    happy snappy birthday Judd! you don’t look a day over 25 🙂 all the best for a brilliant year + all that good fluffy stuff. catch ya over a cappa (even if it’s decaf)

  3. Barbara Nash says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDD!!!!! About time you blooming came back! Cant wait to go to the CORNER CAFE on Saturday !!! Have a happy day!

  4. Christy says:

    Happy happy birthday for tomorrow if i don’t see you. I’ve moved back to durbs and i hope to squeeze in a few take away coffees in the mornings 🙂 much love and fun for the year ahead!