dear holiday diary,

i lost, but had fun doing

we drank, we played and we tipped well

ahhh, and what a first day to the holidays. woke up early stopped off at Cafe Jirran for a double esspresso on the way to the beach. sat on the promenade wall and watched the girls jogging or cycling in thier tight little shorts (summer in this city is the cats p.j`s).

as the first cup of coffee ive paid for in a year kicked in i went for a ride, first time back in the saddle since the flu and it felt great. i bunny hopped, ramped and flew over bridges and kept my heart rate over 140 for an hour, i love my bike and after some time my bike now loves me . then i shot home and my wife who had slept for a straight 10 hours after our crazy night at cafe 1999 and then made me huge pro cyclists breaky with juicy chicken sausages, and creamy scrambie eggys.

hit the couch and watched some dstv and dosed a bit, its so nice to wake up infront of a t.v. that is on. Then the phone rang and i was cordially invited to lunch and cards at Harveys (just the guys) we drank and laughed and i lost some good money from the cafes petty cash tin (thought i would just borrow a little after all i know when to stop, i can just say no, i dont need to keep betting big…i thought i could walk away from that table at anytime, i couldnt, and now i may have to sell the cafe)

cut along story short i had to get the wife to pick me up and 2slice to help get the other car back, cause we went to straight from harveys to a braai at a mates place. as we got there i pretended i need the loo and slipped into their spare room and passed out. all i remember is the wife waking me at 1:30am and saying “wake up,we are leaving you little alchy, youve been asleep since 7pm”

and that folks was my first day of holiday, my kindney hurts form booze, my legs hurt form the bike but my heart sings in the knowledge that this holiday will be my finest…and folks santa is coming tomorow the fatty better have the goods.

yours in alchol abuse



One Comment on “dear holiday diary,”

  1. CRAIG (the finance guy) says:

    who eventualy won the poker?