ive been married for 2 years today.

thats love folks

sad hey, ill never french kiss another girl ever again buy law

thats right my chinas, for 2 fantastic years ive been married to my dream girl (although for years i thought it was claire daines in “romeo and juliet” the scene when she runs around with those giant white wings, heavenly.

i dont see what the all the hype was about, i was warned not to get married cause it would change things, but i hasnt, she still lets me watch lots of t.v. and i can go out with my mates until the wee hours. my life hasnt changed, i have no restrictions. lifes good.

the irony is that little ol juddy poo could just be the one member of the entire family to have a successful marriage (you just couldnt/wouldnt say that 5 years ago) but here wifey and i are breaking all the rules and having a ball.

i can still remember my dads speech at my wedding, he said looking straight at me “son i cant advise you on marriage i stuffed mine up, but its like drinking…everyone must try it. unfortunately my hangover lasted too long” the speech opened a can of worms and has caused an irrapairable rift in my family, but it was true, marriage is something we should all try, and mine is going great.

i surprised the wife with freshly squeesed orange juice (i actually squeesed them at 5:30am) and a fresh cup of colombo`s fresh limu plunger coffee, in an attempt to make her look silly for not remembering and she pulled out a bottle of “paco ruban” colongne fom under the pillow, thats marriage folks, they always get the last word, i couldve hiked through Kenya and hand picked beans and still come off second.

tonight we go to Cafe 1999, where it all started to sit at the same table (table 22) where we had our first date, same table i propossed at, the same table we signed our marriage papers, and the same table we go back to every year on the 22nd of december.

happy 2 years honey.



9 Comments on “ive been married for 2 years today.”

  1. Wilma says:

    Dear Jeannie and Judd
    CONGRATS may you have MANY MANY more
    Chris and Wilma Brent

  2. Glenn Harpur says:

    Ja, Judd, like, why do you, like, need a holiday anyway? All you do is walk around chirping people all day long…

  3. Anne D. says:

    I just love you two sooooo much. Lots of hugs & love. Mum. Byeeeeee

  4. melsy says:

    awww how sweeeeet! you two might just turn me!! congrats yous twos, enjoy the break and see you guys asap in the new jaar! xxxxx

  5. CRAIG (the finance guy) says:

    JUDDIE POO AND JEANNIT POO the only thing missing is a JUNIOR POO lol congrats rug rats and may the next 50 years be great. p:s it would be better with some JUNIOR POO’S running around to clean up the earth and save the planet as well dont you think.

  6. Derek Pearce says:

    Hi Jeannie and Judd

    Congratulations guys…….two years!!!! kewl now we need to see your pic in the Berea news when you’ve been married for 50 years LOL..



  7. Glenn Harpur says:

    Proud of you, big Judd.

  8. ewok says:

    99 was out spot on Monday for the same reasons although ours was the night before the wedding…apparently only the coolest couples have this in common…we forgive you for shutting up shop for the holidays…no really, we forgive you…don’t feel bad…please, really don’t feel bad…not at all not at all, no problem AT all…off you go, doom us all to instant coffee for weeks…it’s all good…really it’s ALL good…

  9. simone says:

    happy snappy anniversary you two monkeys 🙂 that was just the right amount of sweet n mushy for a wednesday morning. have a brilliant break. maybe when you get back i would have stopped drinking decaf. maybe not. much love simone the juno + a gary x