Folks this video is hectic but nessacary..

I’m not asking you to watch this cause I had a mate who died from a drunk driving accident or anything, I’m asking you to watch this so you dont t-bone me on Musgrave road on my annual leave, and that’ll make me mad.

This blog isnt about corny speeches on universal brotherhood and helping your fellow man and silly shit like that, its about coffee sales and the enviroment. However if you have been drinking and get behind the wheel this festive season then I personally think you are an arsehole, the worst kind too, I’m not judging anyone on how well they handle their booze, I mean I’m one of the most arrogant stubborn people I know and if I could hand over my keys last night and I dont even have a matric then you have no excuse.

Juddy-“Think before you drink, before you t-bone my wife and i”-poo


One Comment on “DUI”

  1. CRAIG (the finance guy) says:

    Well done juddie poo, and i talk from experiance being hit by a drunk driver aint lekker i lost almost a year of my life because of an asshole.