Judd conquers the Amazon

I’m stiff.

Sunday shouldve been a day of rest, a day for the wife and I to chill on the couch and watch Rocky 17, did we do that hell no.

We woke up at 4am and drove to underberg and white water rafted the day away with a hot little raft lady/tour guide person.

That is not the face of a scared man..

Out of the six of us that went I was the only one not scared. So it was no surprise they all voted me raft captain, maybe because I was calm or cause I had that hard far away look in my eyes that the guys from Vietnam had (think Platoon). We spent about 2 hours on the river, and we loved every second, I fell off once but only so my wife didn’t look silly when she fell off.

You just got to do this folks, if your keen just let me know and I can get you the details.

During the 3 hour drive home 2slice phoned and said his brand new cherry was in town and he needed support at some hruki jol (the guys we are doing the food and bar for tonight….the Christmas carols tonight, you are coming hey, you better folks my wifes prepped over 200 Santa inspired pizzas and I’m hoping to retire on bar sales). Well slap my boobies, it was great and I hate music I was tapping my foot and even broke out into the occasional Janet Jackson inspired dance move that had the girls screaming. The whole thing was well supported, thought I was going to be the only person there who shaved but I saw a lot of you folks there, and I got very drunk and tried to tell everyone one about my heroics of my Whitewater rafting but the girls just weren’t biting. Its holiday season folks and you can feel it like a dart in your neck, 3 more days and we close and I’m going to have the time of my young life.

Ive earned a holiday this year, I’m going to sit on the beach and just relax, watch telly till I cant see straight and pay for coffee for the first time in a year. I love my life, you may feel yours is better but it aint.

I’ll see you all tonight folks ill be the guy sweating behind the bar and pushing the last legal drug. Cant wait for the music (ive never ever said that before, its that bloody 2slice turning me into a c.d. Collecting tart)

May this day be fantastic.

I love you all madly.


4 Comments on “Judd conquers the Amazon”

  1. Clint (that's clint with an 'n') says:

    I don’t know what I’m going to miss more, my daily coffee fix (and those chocolate cupcakes…..which you haven’t had for a couple of days) or the seriously funny posts?? Enjoy your holiday man.

    • judd says:

      the silly posts will come thick and fast now over the festive season dont you worry young man…sorry about the fairy cakes.

  2. villy vill check says:

    I am jealous… I have always wanted to raft…