Dear Santa the insecure father of presents and stuff

Easy bru, what’s with all the tension, imagine one of the kids heard this ranting and raving.

I feel you have really over reacted and are behaving like a idiot, your fans just wanted a bit of clarity that’s all, they didn’t deserve this “Malema attitude” who the hell do you think you are, and your comment about Fifa shows you mind set.

I don’t want to fight with you, I respect you as a person and love what you are doing for the world but you must be careful. The world is changing, one little slip up and the world will leave you behind, dont think that you wont be replaced with D.H.L and a GPS, Garmen have made some fantastic improvements on their new models.

While we are at each others throats id like to add that when I say “I dont want baggies from the Hub” that I mean just that, I dont mean anything else by that statement, every year is the same with you, dont think because this year they have a funky new range of swimwear that ill automatically like them I wont and I will never, the quality just isnt the same as the genuine article. Rather dont get me baggies for 3 years and then save to get me a killer pair, or better still just get me gift vouchers. Vouchers may be a little impersonal but it insures that we get what we want, you aint no spring chicken chubby man. Things have changed, Bronx will never be Caterpillar, Pep will never be Woolies and a dodgy copy of “one flew over the Cookoos nest” means Jack Nicholson aint getting his cut.

In short, wisen up buddy get your head out the snow, the future is now and you are lagging behind.


One Comment on “Dear Santa the insecure father of presents and stuff”

  1. CRAIG (the finance guy) says:

    Okay have i missed something? or are you having a go at someone. lol and if so i think i know who it is lol. you go juddie poo.