Santa Claus is coming to… Colombo

Dear Durbanites (if you don’t live here then stop reading),

I’ve been dreaming of putting on a show for all the locals in this great city, a show with a fantastic “green Christmas” theme carol evening thing, a show that makes all other shows after it seem stupid, a show for the family, a show for dirty little grunge kids, a show for hippys, a show for yuppies, a show for very hot chicks with fringes that perfectly cut the face, a show that says “hey look at me, I’m a very cool show with strong green under currents. But unfortunately some one else beat me to it so I’m just going to pretend this was my idea (its something I’m better at than anyone I know).ok its really been put on by Hruki, Dan somebody

Ja, so folks on Monday the 20th change whatever plans you have, bring the whole family, sorry no-one older than 96 or younger than 3 weeks, we`ve just found these age brackets whine too much and are very hard to please.

From what I understand its a whole bunch of local bands getting behind a great charity, they perform for free, we charge at the door and all money goes to a good home. Simple.

My wife’s making Christmas pizza`s, what, oh I’m glad you asked, Christmas pizza are Pizzas inspired by Santa I.e.

  • The Rudolph -Marinated Reindeer hooves with fresh rocket leaves and pine needles
  • The elf – not sure what’s on this one, but I think it will be very cool to have a pizza named “the elf” hey?
  • Mrs Claus`s night off – shes vegetarian, so like cranberry something on some veg stuff

Please whatever you do, let me know if you are coming, I don’t want run out of pizza and cause a Christmas riot, email me on my special super secret email Then ill email you back with a super secret password that you have to repeat to me when you come buy your pizza, cool hey itll be like a James Bond Type pizza experience.

The whole evening is for charity or something, I wasn’t paying attention in our little meeting so its for a good reason and its all over at 9pm unless it turns into a big party later on and everyone just lets go of their nervous pre-Christmas tension and lets out the inner Santa that we all know is in us and that only large amounts of local produced wine awakens the sleeping Santa beast.

And remember if you don’t come, Santa will know and it will impact directly on your Christmas present (spoke to Santa and he confirms this).


p.s. Those pizza ideas are only a joke and the wife is making really kick ass pizza, dont tell her about the ones above, our little secret hey, wink wink



2 Comments on “Santa Claus is coming to… Colombo”

  1. Lauren says:

    Catching up on the blog and am in fits of lols! Those whiny types outside the age bracket, haha! Thanks for the excellent java this morning.

  2. I’ll be there with jingle-bells on!