Christmas came early for 2slice…


dear planet earth,

great news, 2slice (my little blogging nerd of a partner) is in a relationship with that girl from Mietjiesfontein, remember i posted an article awhile back about him being a giant softy for not kicking in her door and telling her is true intension, well he didnt do that but did take the plunge and go up there and they are now watching movies and cuddling like 14 year olds at a “no alcohol allowed slumber party”

i wont use her real name cause we dont know her well enough yet and  she could be serial killer, shame that would just be his luck hey, his ex wife runs away with ad excutive guy and he spends the next year saying “why me”  and then he final meets little ms perfect who he thinks is the re-incarnation of a cross between lady di(in her landmine clearing days) and mother theresa (anyday) but with the girl from Juno look(without the baby)…and she turns out to be…hell no wait a minute, lets give this budding new relationship all the positivity we can.

i actually spoke to her yesterday, oh yes 2slice actully passed little mrs x factor the phone and we had a short chat. i told her the truth, that he may be playing it cool but he is actually phoning me every half hour from the bathroom with questions like what does “you are smothering me” actually mean. anyway she seems great on the phone, very confident but not over the top. very fast wit which will help when the fighting starts, and an all round bloody lovely young lady (i know, too good to be true). i asked if they where going to kiss anytime soon, and she seemed to think it was very likey and soon to….there is a God. i begged her not to let him return her without having had a little toungue or it would effect negatively on the festive season her for all Durbanites.

please can everyone reading this spend 5min of the day focusing all their positive energy at this new relationship (i cant have him single this time of year or he will gate crash  Christmas with my family). this needs to work, if they get married next year i stand to make a fortune on over inflated venue hire and “eco friendly” (whatever) menus ie R375/person for sweet potao soup and free range apple pie (the frozen kind tee hee). so hold thumbs my loyal subscribers…this could be that one in a million kindve love.

juddy-loves-it-when-a-plan(young couple)-comes-together-poo


2 Comments on “Christmas came early for 2slice…”

  1. Lauren says:

    “land-mine-clearing-days” LOLS!

  2. melsy says:

    awww sweeeeeet! i hope it works out! sending lots of positive thoughts your way 2slice!!!