Dear Santa poo poo,

Sorry chubby old friend, but my customers are using me as a go-between they want me to ask you questions and are afraid that it will impact negatively on their gifts this year. I told them that you wouldn’t mind, hope I havent over stepped the mark, some of the questions are hard hitting so just skip them if you don’t want to answer. Here goes.

  • Has the constant cold weather had an adverse effect on your “jingle bells” and thats why you don’t have kids?
  • when the silly season winds down, do you go to warmer destination for a break?
  • on the 24 th December when you are delivering all the present, where do you and the reindeer go to the toilet?
  • if no cookies have been left out for you, do you go through the kitchen cupboards?
  • have you ever been with an elf?

If you could email me back the answers I can let all the folks here know.

Thanx you giant jolly bundle of joy.

P.s. Ive already got my bike. So I’m thinking accessories, riding gloves etc

santa sarmie with his wife and sister inlaw


2 Comments on “Dear Santa poo poo,”

  1. villy vill check says:

    Sorry to break the news… but Santa does not exist…