Dear Santa.. 24 days…

Dear Santa,

24 days left until the big one, I know how stressed out you get this time of year, but I was just wondering wouldn’t it be better if you wrapped all the presents in newspaper…just from a recycling point of view, it would make you very “green” and would sure teach all the little boys and girls to be a bit more Eco friendly. Just a thought, it may not look as good but it sure would level the playing fields..if you think about it carefully, all the kids will now have the same looking wrapping paper so you wont get that jealousy that comes with “present wrapping envy” (its a real condition with medicine and everything)

Shout if you need any help, I can be your guy in Durban.

Yours in gift wrapping

much better...


2 Comments on “Dear Santa.. 24 days…”

  1. Christy says:

    And how about colourful gift tags from scraps of fabric ???

  2. Barbara Nash says:

    Morning. Make it a skinny cuppacino (a big one please) and a raisen bun. Thanks 🙂

    Have a good day. See you Saturday