Cafe 99 vs 9th Ave Bistro.

Dear Diary, So I went with really good mates (can’t say names cause we went with our mistress`s) to 9th avenue bistro on wed night, mainly cause everyone is saying that they have got even better with the new owners…now diary, you and I both know that it aint easy to take over an already award winning shop and make it better, infact it happens once in a blue moon…blah blah blah and so we went.

Don’t think the decor has changed much, but its got a few blonde waiteress`s(which is always nice) the wine selection was still bloody marvelous and they had kept my favourite calamari starter on a starched white napkin…heaven my Chinas, heaven.

But I was there to test them, push them, tear them apart if need be. I had the pork & chorizo stuffed squid with crispy pork cheeks, and corn and chorizo powder (freaky hey…powder, but there it was), and a black bean sauce. It was insane, nice size bloody fantastic in every way… I almost clapped. The table let me order the wine (they never normally, cause I really know so little) 2007 Glen Carlou Cab Sauv (hows my cool abbreviations).

For mains I opted for the crispy free range duck on sweet potato & butternut mash with a cinnamon-orange demi & grilled veg. Floorless.

The service was also great, our waiter was really good, the kindve waiter you want when you don’t really want some schmuck hovering and trying to be part of the tables conversation (much like me really) we waited for nothing and never had to call him over and yet I can’t remember what he looked like (perfect for that night, and that crowd). I was pissed by dessert so I can’t really remember what I had, but I find it hard to believe that it wasnt excellent.

Its fair to point out that I’m no food critic, and in all my years in this industry ive only learnt to talk shit/dribble, I’m front of house a service boy. I’m not qualified to judge someone else`s cooking, hell I shouldn’t judging their service, but I know what I like…and 9th avenue is the shit folks…nice package deal…go now.

Which brings me to my predicament. I’m a loyal cafe 99, how dare I start enjoying someone else`s cuisine. Sure Sean he is my mate now but only cause we go so bloody often cause of his wifes food, that eventually it turned onto one of those “hey, howsit. That Tuna special was great last week.” then he said “ahh, thanx we have venison tonight, delicious” then I say “ill take it great, I’m Judd by the way” and thats kindve how it started…so his wife got us in and the consistency keeps us going back.

So when my lawyer (yes I have a lawyer…don’t you?) offered to take me to dinner last night I thought, great now I can put the two against each other….its a win win for me, free dinner.

Picture it folks, just two hunky metro sexual males walking down the drive way to Cafe 99, and we can already see our drinks being put on the table.(that bloody smooth Mo, oh ill get him one day…oh ill get him) That may not impress you folks but it sure impresses the hell out of me and my lawyer, who eats there 4 nights a week (bastard), cause we haven’t booked we just pitched and in the time it took us to get from the car to the cafe (5 min, we stopped to say hello to some hot girl who dressed really well). Thats what I want.

Now I told Sean that the blog comes first I have to be honest cause if it gets out that I sided with a mate over the truth…well folks that would be the end of my street cred. Sean agreed and said “be brutal you brilliant writer” (ok I added the brilliant writer).

Drum roll, cafe 99 won. For many silly little things that I love, like we didn’t even get menus, Mo kindve told us what we were having, and it came out with perfect timing and included everything from fresh fish to some Gnocchi dish that was sublime and shouldve won an award. The food was better than 9th ave (in my humble opinion) but the overall experience for me was miles ahead, as ive said before, I’m very mature now and I’m too old to go to clubs with celulite free 18 year olds who smell like opium and whos fringe just covers the one eye and whos cute little swagger makes me wana be a better person much like some p.r. Manager I know…..I’m rambling. I go to cafe 99 for the party, food and a glimpse of Marcelle in the kitchen, and also just to remind any of my customers who I see there that home for them is the Corner cafe and that i don’t mind them straying a bit as long as they come home for coffee.

Please can i have a free meal now sean.

If the people at 9th avenue are reading this, don’t hate me, you were bloody marvelous its just a personal penchant for food served with a side order of attitude.



6 Comments on “Cafe 99 vs 9th Ave Bistro.”

  1. Mark Lowe says:

    Great article. Well written, which means bloody funny in a clever way (loved the reference to Blah Blah Blah before Two Moon Junction – it used to be only two Blas, gettit??)

    And bang on the money too. Well done Marcelle, well done Sean and, as ever, well done Mo!!! My drink is……………….??

  2. Amanda Azor says:

    Both are amazeballs! That butternut at 9th avenue is sublime…have tried over & over to get that right at home but no luck here.

  3. Sean says:

    YOU WANT ANOTHER FREE MEAL?????????? Thanks for the love Juddy Poo

  4. villy vill check says:

    I can only presume that you had dinner with JP, he is an advocate china… not a lawyer… sheesh…

    • judd says:

      my legs are burning bru, its a deep burn. i feel great though…ive told everyone but not the location so it remains uncrowded. whats next….? im up for a challenge