I Got a f*@#ing cool bike from santa.

Ever since i turned pro ive been teased and laughed at in the jungles of Giba for having a girls bike and as a result ive been saving away for months, and yesterday was the day i got my pride and joy Alfred (bruce waynes butler).

the day she had cometh

choosing alfred

I had to take the wife as she wont allow me to spend without her being present, lucky she came with as i saw a few other items that grabbed my fancy.

the shop assitant was all over me

I aint as simple as walking in choosing the bike and walking out…oh no when you go pro (as i have just done with this purchase) they set the bike up according to your weight, height, length of leg etc etc etc…its the one time you should never lie about your weight.

then they made me wear silly pants and pedal nowhere

If you come to the cafe and its closed you know where to find me folks, ill be flying down the back of the wind wearing nothing but tights and a smile.

Sorry but ive put the cappuccino`s up to R39 each to pay off the bike, but its just until its paid off then ill drop it again.

Thanx for my bike folks, please ask me if you want to see him he will be in the van.

I love my alfred.









8 Comments on “I Got a f*@#ing cool bike from santa.”

  1. villy vill check says:

    So… Batman arrived on Friday afternoon and we took him for a little jaunt… I think that he is now a changed man… some would say ‘reborn’…

  2. cameron says:

    NAAS!! Cant wait to see this beauty, so that beauty and the beast(yep you guessed it) can frollick on the offroad together in harmony;)

  3. villy vill check says:

    Friday at 15h00… in the car park at Giba… I am calling you out… bring your spandex and some anti chafe cream… it is going to get wild…

  4. villy vill check says:

    You went to CycleLab dressed as a LumberJack? and they let you in…. eish…

  5. Barbara Nash says:

    Lol – so happy for you! You look beautiful together! Cant wait to meet him on Saturday. Happy as long as the raisen buns dont go up šŸ™‚

  6. Paddy says:

    Well done Judd now I know at least my hard earned bucks has been well spent! And did you know that the bicycle can contribute about 8 % to the actual performance of the cyclist! And on that bombshell I will leave you to ponder this issue. (ps.Can I please touch him next time ?)

  7. woody says:

    Awesome stuff Judd. It does look nice ,but surely they had it in batmobile black.
    Never the less, when you become super pro i wnat to see doing that downhill stuff.

  8. Glenn Harpur says:

    Hey, wasn’t your espresso machine also called Alfred?