Jesus 1 – Satan 0

What a weekend. It involved a wedding, rugby, sleep.

So Saturday was our last wedding, and what a great wedding it was, very Christian, lots of talk about baby Jesus in the speeches. Now I’m not a very religious man and i allow satanist, jews, hindu`s, muslims etc even hells angels into the cafe, each unto their own i always say, but this crowd of young people was fantastic….picture a wedding where you are sweating and clearing beer bottles and everyones blind drunk. Well stop picturing that cause it didn’t happen, every single person said thank you….folks I’m not shitting you everyone of them made an effort to pass me their dirty plate and said the food was awesome (i took the credit for making it although we all new it was the wife.)

Not sure if it was because it was our last wedding or because my wife has graduated into a whole new level of catering but the food was better than this cafe has ever dished out before. One girl(very hot, little floral dress) grabbed my arm and said thank for converting her hubby (they all seem to get married young in the church of baby jesus) to veg, the bride wanted all vegetarian, think blue cheese Gnocchi and califlower and apricot tagine etc

It was my 67 wedding (40 in the u.k, the rest here) and it was aruguably my best one to work at cause of this fantastic vibe, don’t get me wrong I’m not going to start going to church but these young crusaders for Christ were an absolute pleasure to be around, GO JESUS.

We (wife, 2slice , wife sister and i) got home at 1pm and 2slice and i watched as Scottland handed us our bum. Ahh folks whats happening to our boks, I’m trying to be proud of them and support them but i think we need to cut that peter div lose, lets get the right man for the job (mandela has been out of jail for awhile now lets just put the right guy in that chair and forget color for one bloody minute…please rugby union people)

P. Divvy

Half way through the night we woke up, 2slice and i, lying spoon on the couch. I sat straight all embaressed and said “i was the small spoon hey?”

Sunday was about sleep, i hardly saw the wife, she washed the hounds and fell asleep on the couch, then woke me up and we braaied then we fell asleep again. I didn’t even make the mnet movie at 8 and doozed during carte balnche…..

I woke up at 4am and started writting this cause i couldnt possibly sleep anymore and because folks today i get me new bike, thats right guys I’m getting the new “Ktm score 4.0” ill be picking her up at 3;30pm today and the wife will come along to phtograph this special day (bigger than christams people)

They call her... Lycan

Today marks the one month left before we close for no reason at all…

I’m in love with this town and everything it gives me. This is going to be a great week so clap your hands and say after me “today is going to be a great day”



4 Comments on “Jesus 1 – Satan 0”

  1. Lauren says:

    Yes, happy clapper was excellent! Go Baby J! Christians give our religion such a bad rap sometimes but there are some nice, ‘normal’ types out there – hehe!

  2. villy vill check says:

    Pity about not being able to make the ride with me yesterday BJ lover (BJ stands for “Baby Jesus”). Go and watch the new show “Happy clapper”, you will enjoy it and all.

    PS: Riding on Friday… let me know

  3. michele says:

    wahahahahaha!juddy poo i just love you on monday mornings! look forward to my tea and a blady good laugh when i get to work 🙂