I don’t want to quote dirty dancing, but i had the time of my life, and i owe it all to castle lite….

Ok, so an elite team of judges was esembeled last night, at colombo (nice venue bru) to judge the first annual “interpret durban” comp. Some one who doesn’t know that i have very little style/taste  and shouldnt have been on the panel, asked me to come along and judge this comp with some larneys ie richard hart and the likes (richard even said “why did they ask you to come”).

The whole thing was to raise money for a football team in KwaMashu or seals off cape point, i wasn’t listening at the briefing meeting. The designs were very cool, lots of effort and thought went into them. The vibe thanx to ol 2slice (m.c for the night) was electric, not a single moody person insight, the “sneaker wars” ended in an auction by ewok, who just wouldn’t shut up, and when no one was raising the bid he would just point at me and say “thanx judd, thats R450” and then “judd raises again R750” i started spending money i didn’t have. I did have my eye on one pair of sneakers and 2slice and i reckoned we would go up to R1000 and split it, so we reckoned we could out bid anyone well that plan went right out the bloody window, our special sneakers went for over R1400…bastards, but it was all for the cape point seal foundation so who cares right…. one pair went for R7k (i know who pays that price for shoes besides paris)

Judd the Judge (say that as fast as you can 20 times after 6 castle lites)

Over like R15k was raised so that little team in Kwa mashu can now sign rooney.

And then as if that wasnt enough…the la els played there first gig ever which sent beer sales over the edge, 2slice was dancing like a banshi, in the 20 mins they played for we went through 4 cases of black label, i even tapped my foot twice, very cool tunes guys. Id buy thier c.d. if ewok hadnt made me buy a pair of sneakers while i was having a pee…..we are going half on those bru.

I knew the basist wasn't real

We raised huge cash for chartity, launched a band, ate bunny chows,checked out girls, judged art, drank beer laughed like Hyenas. All on a Thursday in the little suburb of Glenwood (which is becoming the new L.A.).

I love my life, i love this town, i love over priced shoes



2 Comments on “I don’t want to quote dirty dancing, but i had the time of my life, and i owe it all to castle lite….”

  1. judd says:

    ewok, please be carefull with your words, morningside must be seen as our friend, we want them to feel welcome when they cross the cultural curtain and enter our palce of fun. the last thing we want is a war….please take that in account when talking about those lovely people from over the n2.

    p.s. those freaks must shit themselves when they see how cool we are and how silly they are…all they got is florida road, whatever id also be miffed if i had a parking propblem that never ended and no style freaky loser people.

  2. ewok says:

    Glenwood is kicking some serious Morningside ASS these days!!! Not a competition or anything, I’m just saying y’know? Just saying, that’s all. Ass. Being kicked. just saying.