I love indians..

found this old photo of me from a few christamseses back, we`ve been here for over 150 years horay

Did you guys now that there have been Indians in this country for 150 years..

Thats right folks dont be alarmed but Durban has the largest population of Indians living outside of India, if they turn on us we are in big poo.
Ive seen the movie Ghandi and slum dog millionaire , I have many Indian customers but I don’t have any Indian friends…why? ive fished at blue lagoon late at night (I really have)! why dont they like me, am I off-ish to them.
I want an Indian friend, I dont care who got here first. There food is the best (even in the u.k the national dish is curry) I love purri patha and grew up on samoosas infact thats how I got my tummy. My new years resolution is to get a new Indian friend so I can go to his/her house and eat their yummy food. Imagine all the presents id get over Christmas. Imagine if I was in an Indian family (the family’s are huge) I could ask for the new KTM Mountain bike for Christmas and if everyone in my family contributed just R50 I could get a R16k bike.
My family is tiny, now that my brothers getting a divorce and the recent family splits its getting even smaller, at this rate we wont even be able to finish a turkey between us (I just said that for effect, I can finish a turkey on my own). And if the surfs cooking on the day we just put the whole thing off until next year.
Any who, happy anniversary Indian people, my you have another 150 more. And whish ever one of you invented sambles…well you are a genious, come in and have a coffee on me.

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