Dear diary, I Still love you all….

The reasons for me not writing are 3 fold (posh hey). firstly, the cafe has got very busy over the last 3 weeks due to my winning personality and my wife being even more adventures…in the kitchen. Secondly, ive been in training for the big race i did on Sunday- umko challenge off road mountain biking madness. And thirdly, i have a huge surprise for you…i have found/created a super hero, his name is “Kumi The Bear” more on him later.

pic one, bringing sexy back to cycling.

I, judd campbell, have lost 4kgs in 1 month. Now i thought this was pretty good, i was feeling lighter and coupled with the giba training ive been doing most days, i was so ready to tackle my 10km race yesterday. Normally sean and i ride together, but captain courages decided to ride the 45km. So i rode with his wife marcelle (very hot) i was still very nervous as it was only my second mtb race after the muddy buddy.

The 45km and the 25km races started first, and i relaxed instantly, out of the 40 or so riders in our race i was one of three male riders who shaved, the other two were men cycling with there 5 year olds. Right from the start Marcelle and i started winning. Those 5 -14 year olds just didn’t stand a chance, as we weaved through the pack like pros, some little 8 years old tried to overtake me and i rode her off the track into the grass, and with a deep chuckle i stepped up the tempo. The only hill was about a 20m rise which we just ate up and spat out. Castle lite was starting to come out my pours and we were thankful for the overcast conditions, then a little voice came from behind me “ overtaking on the right” as i turned to see my arch nemisis (the little girl i rode into the grass) she was back and angry so i let her pass, little bitch, she hadnt even broken a sweat. I was going to let her think she had beaten me and then reel her in closer to the finish line but when we came round the next corner the little elf has gone like a thief in the night, i saw her later at the finish and gave her a “i can drink alchol and you can’t cause you are still too young, sucks to be you” kindve look as i opened my beer.

the line up, tough competitors

i dropped those two behind me like a hot little potato

About 2kms from the end a cute little 18 year old was stranded on the side of the path, naturally being the nice guy that i am i stopped to help her put her chain back on, and I’m sure we had a moment.

The ride was very scenic (like the car) zebra running across the tracks and blesbok jumping all over the place. It was such a good day down in that valley, not too many hotties but still fun.

i wouldve won but the zebra slowed me down

the gruelling track took no prisoners

You see folks 3months ago i wouldn’t have been able to do that race, and yet now we finished 6 & 7th. Ive decided to step up my training and eating plan, I’m going to add a little heading at the top of the page and track all my progress and weight changes, otherwise i slack off. Might also ask Lisa (hot pr manager from Giba) if they have any training programs, because folks I’m far too cool to riding with juniors and novices and kids that could get into Ushaka Marine world for free, ive evolved as a mtbiker, I’m more mature in the saddle…you just watch this body metomorphis into some thing divine.

and i was hardly even sweating

ok i was sweating a little


its all in the preperation

our bikes resting before the race

sean roberts cycled 45km in 2h46mins and 6,7km was straight up...bastard

these are the two winners, if i see them in a dark alley....

we call ourselves fat boy slim


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  1. ewok says:

    Everyday, in so many ways, you continue to inspire certain feelings in us all…