I want to be a pixie chaser….roar.

Ive never actually met a pixie until the other day, and now that I have I dont want to go anther day without one. Pixies are not like elves or leprcorns in that they are very nice looking. If you met an elf you wouldnt say “dam, that elfs hot” or “shit id like to hook up with that leprecorn chick, her little face is such a turn on” no, but pixies…these little woodland creatures are very cute, approachable and you could take them back to met your mom, if you had a mom.
A pixie walked into a cafe and the cafe owner said “seeing anyone?”

juddypoo: how do u take ur coffee you little fox of a girl all cute and yummy like?
pixiepoo: cappuccino, dah!

JP: easy girl i can doctor these answers behind ur back. Why music not plumbing or an electrical degree, you know some thing safe to fall back on?
PP: its because i feel music makes the world go round, everyone knows that.

JP: i hate music, but love miley and hanna. Would you ever date a pro waiter?
PP: yes i think you are very hot judd and also very sexy. You’re like a little tiger.

JP: that’s better, i think you are also very delicious. Who is your favourite actor?
PP: samuel l jackson

JP: if an alien ship came down and you could only take 3 people and no family or animals?
PP: miley, hanna and you.

Those guys have nothing on me!

JP: id just like to say that u are one hell of a sport and bordering on perfection. Best cafe in durban? and after question 3 and 5 you can be honest.
PP: its the corner cafe for sure.

JP: why are you going to jo`burg u little traitor person?
PP: i need to spread my wings, but relax Juddy poo durban is still my home.

JP: are you seeing anyone?
PP: recently single.

JP: in that case, who is hotter 2slice or me?
PP: judd…dah. 2slice is just not as cool.

Competing for Pixie's affection

JP: id like to say that i added the sentence after the ‘dah’ above, but she did choose me. How do you pesronally help the planet.
PP: i recycle and i have solar heating, happy now.

Check out 2slice’s convo with her next week on Your Guide To Happiness, they talk about music or something.


4 Comments on “I want to be a pixie chaser….roar.”

  1. Amith says:

    lol nice one, I also want me a Pixie.

  2. nicola says:

    hahaha pics made me laugh

  3. villy vill check says:

    Very Very nice Peter…

    • judd says:

      david poo, i cycled out of giba on that steep road up to st heller (or something) dam, and thn flew down again, most fantstic day ive had riding, came back filthy like kate moss on coke

      im getting a bike from cycle lab with shoes cletes etc on monday….im fucking so hooked i could poo in my new fox riding shorts