lets all spare a thought for poor 2slice

many of you asked after 2slice today, and i lied to alot of you, he isnt flu sick, he is love sick.

lost in thought for a girl who doesnt know he is lost in thought for her

thats right folks after just one short year after his divorce (his wife pulled out his heart and flushed it down the crapper) 2slice is keen(with the help of baby jesus) to get back into the saddle, the saddle of love that is.

he met a young girl a few months ago in Mietjiesfontein. from his discriptions she is nothing short of a super women/claire daines with a little girl next door thrown in for good measure. he says she could end world hunger with a smile and cure T.B. with a wave from her soft manicured hands, a girl who your mom likes even when she was caught cheating on you in some sleezy formula 1 hotel over new year, and everyone knew but you (this never happened to me im just projecting).

heres where you good loyal readers come in….i want him to make the pilgramage to his “Love Mecca” Mietjiesfontein. why hasnt he gone you may ask? i havent got a clue, i say run free little 2slice go get your princess of the..platerland or where ever Mietjiesfontein is. the thing is dear readers, she hasnt got a clue he is so keen. WHAT, i hear you say, thats right..they email,phone, facebook and sms daily….surely she must be keen i hear you say again, even Helen Keller would know somethings up, i say she digs him lank aswell. i say he needs a little push from us. please send in you comments (not long winded stuff ill just delete anything over 3 sentances) and let him now its ok to be in love, and sure she may rip out is heart like the last one did, but hey thats life…youve got to risk it to get the biscuit.

if you agree with me and feel he should grow a pair, put his pride in his pocket and take the risk of being beaten down yet again, then please lets hear from you. leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

may the springboks win, may it be sunny on sunday, may i win at poker tonight, may crime decrease and may 2slice find love in Mietjiesfontein.

i love you like 2slice loves his cherry girl

yours in match making


p.s. go on 2slice go get your moon godess


11 Comments on “lets all spare a thought for poor 2slice”

  1. Lauren Berry says:

    GO NOW

  2. ewok says:

    1) Meitjiesfontein is kiff with that whole alternative cutting edge art community thing that happens there so any lady within that scope is worth a mission and would undoubtably be not much of a mission…
    2) Love and romance and shit is also kiff…
    3) Sentences is how sentences is spelt and Goddess has two d’s

  3. Kate says:

    Could be in love with the coffee machine?

  4. Juddypoo, is this all because I threatened to put up a post about that dodgy third nipple on your butt cheek that I saw when you made me take pictures of you skinny dipping with the Durban Pensioners Bridge Team? Plus, we all know the photo above is of me looking at the coffee machine while my flat white is being made.

  5. Angela Short says:

    Well since you have tick bite fever, you should not be at work, I say recoup in mietjiesfontein, the air there is just so much cleaner!

  6. Anon says:

    Maybe it’s the tick-bite fever and not the love that making Dre so sick… Only time will tell. If it is love, make a move, she won’t wait forever.

  7. Steltjie says:

    It surely would make a great impression. Every girl wants to be swept off her feet. If a guy travels across the courty to see me I’d definitely give him two tumbs up! Go get her, Tiger… 🙂

  8. Barbs says:

    When you’re old & on your deathbed with no children or grandchildren at your side, it won’t be the things you DID that you will regret, but the things you DIDN”T do. Go 2slice!

  9. ash says:

    Hmm…true? If it is I need more info dre-man before I approve. Will she keep you from moving back to us in the faircape. Then I declare a vehement NO! Miss you my friend!

  10. What a rad day! My doctor’s convinced I have tick bite fever and Judd just used me to increase the ratings. I’m never leaving the office again.