I Came, now I’m sore, and i nearly got conquered.

Dear Diary,

I did it Diary, i completed race 2 “The muddy buddy series” at giba gorge.

Ok so this is how it works, the rules are simple 2 per team and you have to stay within 10meters of each other or you are out. Its a 5 km run, 16km cycle, 500m run (again, the sick bastards) then i mud swim and finally an obstacle course. I chose Sean Roberts as my partner, i think mainly cause he was fitter than me and would set a faster pace than I’m used to. After yesterday we are no longer friends because he was fitter than me and he set a faster pace than I’m used to, which is the reason i can’t sit down today without pain shooting up my spine via my jelly legs.

The hot blonde at the check-in desk lured me into a false sense of security, with her blue eyes and funky gumboots saying things like “no this race isn’t really a race its just for fun”

Now ive been training hard for this race everyday ive been running around Greyville race course (which i realize is flat and in no way prepared me for this gravelly , rocky, not flatty run). the run was two laps on a dirt road with only on small (100m) climb which felt like K2. The first lap broke me and the second lap seared me on a medium heat with a pinch of garlic and then shallow fried my limbs in lard.

We, and i really mean me, finished last on the run. The 2 man indian team just beat us, we could`ve over taken them at the water and sweet table, but there was such a lovely selection of sweets and marshmallows. Then straight onto the bikes, no chilling and allowing the heart rate to get back down below 130 bpm.

The first 5km off the ride was tougher than my entire matric year, its was from the valley floor right over Kilimanjaro twice, ive never ridden off road before on single track and it was fucking difficult (sorry i said fucking on the blog, but “darn” that was a hard ride just wouldn’t cut it).

Once at the top, I’m sure i could’ve looked down over Jo`burg, it was very cool flying down the single track, winding through trees, splashing through the mud patches, the stream crossings were also very cool (the scenery at giba is unreal, I’m going again this weekend for sure, not a bad coffee either), after a couple more up-hills it finally ended, the 500m run after was not very nice and i was losing a kg/min, all the moisture from my body was shooting out my forehead and i was dead on my feet.

The mud bath was….very dirty, but gave us an opportunity to over take a few strugglers, between the mud pit and the obstacle course (see pics) i saw my wife and couldve cried like those Chilean miners when they saw there wives, with the end in sight i found my sense of humor (sean said i lost it on the first hill, very true) i goofed around and put on my sexy face for the camera.

So with one road race and one off road race under my rapidly shrinking belt, i can say that i will persue the off road now, its a lot more fun and i don’t have to wear silly tight lycra suits (that’s for the bedroom folks).

I need a low carbon footprint bike folks, anyone know of a local bike maker…there must be someone. I can’t become a pro on a bike made overseas or ill be a hypocrite.



9 Comments on “I Came, now I’m sore, and i nearly got conquered.”

  1. simone says:

    just your pics made me tired. nice one judd-meister. all the best for the next and the next and the next you crazy. much supportiveness.

  2. Where the hell is my comment I posted?? ok round two then!!
    Well done sponge Bob, soon u will look like Action Man, before u broke his head off (ask the fat kid, long story!!) Youll even have his dead pan face in the impending onslought of unspeakable pain from more crazy crack head races once u manage to master the pain!!

  3. Go big fella, soon u will look like Action Man before u broke his his head off!!! Complete with dead pan look on his face in the onslought of impeding pain!!

  4. ewok says:

    Nice one boet! You makin’ us all proud…and yes, jealous of your amazing new shape and style…so jealous…

  5. hesaidrun says:

    You are a sexy muddy beast! Another medal for the collection…we’ll have to get you a new olive tree soon.

  6. villy vill check says:

    Well done China!

    If you are looking for a really wicked locally made (Pietermaritzburg) bike look at Moorewood bikes… they are expensive but well worth it.

    If you are looking for something realistically priced but just as good look at buying a Giant Anthem (Try Dave Wiseman Cycles in the Glenwood Village Centre for awesome specials).

    If you want someone to show you around Giba just shout.

  7. Janine Drew says:

    Well Done Judd… very proud of you….

  8. CRAIG (the finance guy) says:

    Well done dude.