Sharks flashers are from heaven….

…i could swear the one (tarryn) had wings. my nerves folks, those girls fell out the pretty tree and hit every branch on the way down, gorgeous, frisky & yummy.

At first i was bit nervous about getting in the nude in front of these blemish free ladys of the field, but then i thought hell I’m married, i don’t need to impress these foxes, and as luck would have it they noticed my confidence and clung to me like boerewors to a braai grid, i was a hit.

They used the van (alfred) to get changed in, and as one hot betty jumped out the back door at a time i could feel my knees get week, and 2slice (loves jesus) started to shake, he had never been this happy to be single since his divorce.

I asked the cellulite free girls minx`s10 challenging questions, and they each took a turn to answer, please bare in mind i had on only a foam hand i purchased a few years ago for just such an occasion, oh and my flasher jacket ofcourse:-

1) tamryn, you hot person you, how do you take your coffee?:
A) strong and very sweet (i thought i heard her make tiny tiger noises)

2) tarryn (my favourite) do you prefer rugby players or waiters?:
A) rugby players (she’s playing hard to get, i like that)

3) lauren, you knock out, do you think womens rugby is a good idea?
A) its brutal and not for me, i don’t want those cauliflower ears

4)carol, you dark beauty, have you ever punched another teams dancer?
A)no way (sheer shock in her face, but the others all said yes she has, some inside joke)

5)do you think I’m hotter than patrick lambie?
A) *huge laugh* (almost belittling in its approach) no bloody way

6) natasha, best…eyes of the lot, who is your favourite player?
A) patrick lambie (if we see that guy around, 2slice and i are gona beat him)

7) tamryn, so glad we got back to you foxy roxy, whats the score going to be tomorrow?
A) close but i say we will win 45-40, can’t wait!

8) tarryn (dont want to harp on it but this is my favourite) whats your fav movie?
A) the note book ( i could snuggle and watch that one again)

9)tamryn, have you ever kissed a girl?
A) yes (as she ran away she shouted how drunk she was when she did it.)

10)natasha, i know he is a shark but have any of the girls ever been with Sharky.
A) no way, but tarryn thinks he’s hot

Thats nothing folks 2slice and i are heading to the field at 3pm for an interview with sharky……there are some dark questions we need answered.

I love my live in this great city of love and sharks flasher girls

P.s. i love my wife more.

Getting ready..


All eyes on Judd!

"ummm... I think I'm just going to go ride a bicycle around the field Judd"

TwoSlice, like an indigenous animal out of it's natural environment.


5 Comments on “Sharks flashers are from heaven….”

  1. Barbara Smillie says:

    Go Judd!

  2. Dear Judd (owner of my favourite cafe)

    You got one response wrong! It was not me who kissed a girl like Katie (when i was drunk);)