Darryl hoffman to host Glastonbury next year.

Well slap my tits durban, darryl hoffman pulled off a night market that went ape.

I’m jumping ahead, let me start at the begginning. I’ve known Darryl for 34 years (sadly he is my oldest friend) even our parents grew up together, anyhoo, this A.D.H.D fellow restaurantuer of Yossi`s fame asked me if i wanted to be part of his night market at colombo roastery. My excat words were “you silly monkey, no-one will go out and support a night market on a Thursday night below umbilo road, you are dreaming champ”

Well when we turned into gale street and had to walk for 300m to get in i ate my words, I’m a pro waiter and cyclist now so i got there early to park right outside….no chance tigers.

I walked in and saw this…..

Everyone who was there, and you could smell coffee like a fart in a car. It was my idea of heaven. Everyone took an hour to get to the other side of this huge roasting hall because everyone knew everyone, the vibe was electric and people were coming up to me saying “wow judd, nice job” and the nice guy in me just vanished as i went on to tell them how much work i put into it…tee hee. When i did eventually find Darryl in the sea of durbanites he had a grin from ear to ear and was chatting to two very hot chicks (the main reason i went over…roar) i tried to play it down and act like wasnt really impressed but we both new that there was more people there than big ben for new years eve bash.


The bugger did it and he did it well, i couldnt get a robsons beer after 8:30pm they where all sold out, everyone was selling out. Ahh folks i did find a killer necklace for the wife from genevievemotley.com very cool, pop in today she should be wearing it.

So ja Darryl, I’m in for next time….cause you just have to do that atleast once a month bru.

I love you guys, but Darryl more.

Id like to say that Yossi`s is only open on sundays but is great for lunch.

This looks like its going to be a regular event- be smart and  join the group now to get info before hand.
some more photos for your enjoyment…

the shed of love

drug dealers pushing out A grade coke

not sure what that big red thing is but its cool

just before they sold out to

bringing sexy back


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  1. ewok says:

    One time! Glenwood wins again thanks to The Hoffman. I now dream of cheese and beer which is better then smelling like cheese and beer which is what I smelt like.