Sharks vs western province……

Ah, its just another game this week end….bullshit folks. This is THE game of our young lives, this is bigger than the whole Gareth Cliff thingy, its bigger than world hunger.

I don’t care about the next 5 days all i want is Saturday, don’t come in here expecting good service or hot coffee, I’m focused elsewhere, my sun rises and sets for this Currie Cup final…this is a sports blog for this week, we will eat, sleep & wee rugby. If you happen to be a girl who is not into rugby or doesn’t feel it should govern your week, then unsubscribe for this week and re-subscribe next week.

Oh and I’m taking two slice down to the stadium and we are going to interview those hot little shark-bunny-gorgeous-perfect-specimen-girls who flash (i love girls who flash and I’m not ashamed to admit it, id like to go one step further and say that there is very little i like more than girls who flash, even my wife understand my little problem with flasher girls).

So folks simple, stupid, no brainer of a voting poll this week. Sharks or Western Province.

Its not about who`s ocean is warmer or who`s mountain range is cooler or even if you think our cheerleaders are hotter (dah), its just about the game.


6 Comments on “Sharks vs western province……”

  1. Nicola says:

    PPPRRRRROOOOOOVVVVVIIIINNNNCE …….. we better crush them …. We are black we are white, we are dynamite !

  2. villy vill check says:

    Rich, it is at times like this that you need to man up and forge your own path… you can ‘pull a sicky’ and be their for the divorce or you can slip a pair of earphones in and listen to the game over the radio on your mobile phone… no need to thank me and before you ask, your mobile most probably came with free earphones… just look in the box China…

    • judd says:

      rich, im going with villy vill on this one, slap the groom around and have that wedding day moved it isnt too late

  3. judd says:

    a real friend wouldnt have got married on this weekend…he obviously doesnt really cafe about you, i say dont go

    • Steltjie says:

      Yes, Rich you need friends that “CAFE” about you! How else could we ever get on in this life if we do not “cafe” about each other…;-P lol

  4. Rich says:

    I can’t wait ….
    My friend is getting married on Saturday ….
    In the Midlands …
    At … 3pm !
    With no TV’s on the premises !
    Do I go …
    Or pull a sicky ?