Its with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Alfred

Its with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Alfred (Batmans butler/coffee machine at the cafe) he was doing so well until my eye spotted a big version of him. He is far to young to be put out to pasture.
If anyone is looking for a fantasticly loyal coffee machine that never ever comes late to work and always has a smile then please get hold of me.

Aldred's best side


He costs a meger R10 317,00. Bless his little cotton socks.

3 Comments on “Its with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Alfred”

  1. CRAIG (the finance guy) says:

    Juddiepoo are you entering the slave trade trying to sell Alfred, i think he can come stay at my house so i can assist him in entering mainstream society seeing as he has been abused for so long. HE HE HE HE

  2. ewok says:

    Cotton socks! So that’s why the coffee tastes like toe jam.

    MEAGER, of course, is spelt with an a. MEGER of course being yet another entry in the Dictionary of JUDD. Both acceptable, both acceptable…

  3. lee-ann says:

    Can we PLEAZE get bigger cups of you FANTASTIC coffee.