Don’t flush the planet down the crapper!

Ok, there seems to be a wee (tee hee) bit of confusion over the current competition running “how to save the crap out of our planet”. there is a play on words back there.

Its this simple, you (whoever you are) must place one brick (you can break the brick in half, to fit if you like) into the cistern of your toilet (big white box that holds the water) whilst your lover holds up the days newspaper.

Ah shit its easier if i just show you…wait, ok look here:

Step 1: Don't Do This!

Step 2: Do this!

Step 3: Eat more fruit!

And presto, you are in. This just gets you into the comp, to win however is a whole other kettle of sustainable fish…..we will put up our top 3 favorites(if there are nude pics it will certainly help your chances) and the general public will vote like never before.

The prize just got a bit better, the guys from energywise (more on those generous buggers later) have also got wind of our little eco comp and have thrown in some cool little toilet flushy thingy-ma-bobbies(not sure what), ill wrap them so you can open your presents while having breaky at “Bellevue Cafe” in kloof and the real bonus is (drum roll) you get to have breaky with two slice and me. Ahh, i can see it now, just the fab four of us, laughing and stealing menu ideas and trying to poach their customers.

This comp will run for the next two weeks and we will start placing the first pics up today.

“Anyone can save the planet, but can you do it with a smile” that’s our motto for the year.

Help me folks…


4 Comments on “Don’t flush the planet down the crapper!”

  1. villy vill check says:

    TwoSlice is Walker Texas Ranger’s illegitimate child… he does not have a nemesis…

  2. ewok says:

    Thank you for clearing shit up.

  3. hesaidrun says:

    Dagnabit… so by helping you guys it now means I cant compete. I had already mad my super villan outfit for the shoot and everything “Two Bricks” was his name, arch nemesis of TwoSlice…what am I going to do with all this Lycra now?