Quick, Judd’s not looking…

While the cat is getting all his limbs re-attached to his body, the mice will put up blog posts while he’s not looking..
I may not do cardio or take part in oddly named cycle races, and I may be as fit as a chain-smoking donkey.. but I’m always ready to blog, and I don’t need a medal to prove it.

Yours truly got to interview Jonas from The La Els. The only Durban band representing in the Global Moguls comp. These guys are huge, and we got to interview them and throw in a free download of one of their songs.

As you can tell from the posts so far, Judd’s musical references are limited to Savage Garden and Celine Dion- fear not. I will always be here.

Click here to read the interview, or go straight to “Your Guide To Happiness” above. Boom!

TwoSlice Dré