My dad got another blonde.. and there’s breakfast up for grabs..

The prize for free pretzel lessons for a month goes to…
Joelene Sylverster.


That's the only yoga pose Joelene knows... and it's not even a real one.


Hot hey, yes she is seeing someone and he seems really nice (which makes it even worse). This lass will be treated to free yoga lessons for her and her mate, she seemed super excited. It works out nicely actually as she used to be a “sharks girl flasher chick” the ones you see running around before the game(the real reason I p.v.r games) I reckon that a team should be judged on their cheerleaders alone, anyone man can tackle another man. But it takes time to look that good, skill to remember where to stand (I would forget my letter and end up spelling “harkss” at the curry cup final). id love to be sharky though, now thats a job I was born for. Joelene drinks skinny cappaccinos.

Now back to toilets.. I think i need to come clean, I’m not really that concerned about you folk but i am very concerned about the planet (i love it here, and I’m just learning to surf so i can’t leave) so id like to make my intentions clear. Over the next few years i will attempt to dangle huge prizes infront of you, these prizes will trick you into helping the planet. You will think I’m very nice and i will help save the planet. All my little competitions will be set up so that the effects will be lasting, almost like little viruses that we plant and they will eventually take over and envelope the world in love….like this next one.

Ok folks here is the plan, you put a brick into your cistern (the big tank thing that holds the water) then you take a pic with the days newspaper (as proof that you didn’t google the pic) then email it to


Toilets and the environment- they can totally work together.


One brick is equal to saving 1 litre of water, so if we get 200 (number of subscribers on this blog) people with average of 3 flushes per house hold(wee or poo) then we can save 600 litres per day and 219 000 litres per year (if you have a weak bladder like me then we will see even bigger savings).

Alas, that just gets you into the competition, to win you must add an element of creativity, panache, danger etc.. winner gets a breakfast for two at Bellevue in Kloof.

Good luck my little eco warriors, you soldiers for the planet, you ninja environmentalist.

Again this is only for subscribers, so look for the box that tunes “I like it in my inbox” and ( but even if you aint send them in we can still have a laugh) the top 3 pics will be put on the blog and you can decided who wins. (usual story china).

Good luck and pee with a conscience.

I love you like i love the planet…alot hey


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  1. villy vilcheck says:

    Judd is like Oprah… He is everywhere!!

    PS: I love the VW… Schweet wheels china ekse…