Corner cafe gets exclusive interview with rescued miner.


Sorry Sir, we played naughty coal miner


You may have been wondering why i havent been at work for the last 3 days, the honest truth is i went to chile to interview the first miner rescued. It was a joyful day in chile yesterday as the first (very happy and coal stained) miner reached the surface like pimple that just really needed to be popped. You can’t see me in this picture I’m a little more to the left behind the porta-loo`s.

The excitement was at fever pitch, the wifes were all holding hands, the mood was such that they didn’t even care that i may have been one of the miners gay lovers(i had to tell security something, they had stopped letting people in), we all held hands united.


naughty coal miners, up to no good


The first miner out was Jose Curevo, when no-one ran to hug him i thought this was my chance and stepped forward and threw my arms around him and whispered “just play along, or we will send you back” his face lit up and he hugged me hard.

Once away from the CNN and BBC film crew i got him a double orange flavoured frappaccino and begun my interview.

Juddypoo- how do you take your coffee
Jose poo- skimmed milk latte decaff, but his aint bad (he said holding up a judd coffee all african blend)
Juddypoo- being away from women so long were you ever tempted to fool around
Jose poo- se, se we all played the “naughty coal miner” (i left it at that)


who wants to play naughty coal miner, put your hand up


Juddy poo- what did you do to entertain yourself, it must have been soul destroying
Jose poo- se, se we played “naughty coal miner”
Juddy poo- ok jose what else, lets not talk about the “naughty coal miner” anymore
Jose poo- we had a tv and dvd player, but only two dvd`s “lassie returns” and “when harry met sally”
Juddy poo- i can’t imagine what you must have been through, ive seen them both and where “harry met sally” may be a nice movie its very old and not something you can watch twice a day for 69 days.
Jose poo- se it was very hard

Juddy poo- will you ever go back down into a mine again
Jose poo- se, i left my tooth brush down there
Juddy poo- the whole world has been waiting to see you guys come out safe, have you anything to say to them?
Jose poo- yes, I’m am looking at getting a job in the post office
Juddy poo- thanx jose, welcome up.