Is it wrong to get the dead to help with recycling

Two's company... 50 000 dead people's a crowd.

Shitty thing to hear first thing on a Monday hey?

This Monday, our poll is about Durban`s space shortage in graveyards. The council is planning to re-use the land by digging up your aunties remains and putting them in a group/mass grave next to the cemetery, and then re-use the plot to bury the next dead guy or girl.

Now before you vote, id like to warn you that this blog is not a religious or political blog and i can’t (unfortunately) give a shit about your political or religious views without upsetting the next guy. I wont even try swing your vote by telling you what i think cause who am i to say if its right to dig up you family member and move him/her over the fence. Whilst on the religion thingy, the Muslims seem to be in favour of this grave recycling , and they usually allow for 8-10 years, and then bury the next guy/girl and so they go. The only catch is that you have to be a Muslim(seems fair to me)

Here are some facts:-

· 59 out of the 60 cemetery`s in Durban are full (people are dying to get in)
· the city was warned this would happen in 2001
· Cemeteries and Crematoria Act states that the municipality can do whatever they want with the grave after 10 years. (why are we even voting hey)
· the municipality feels they have no other option.

Ok I’m finished, vote your heart out. You can also add a comment but nothing too religious or political or ill delete it. Durban is in grave danger (get it) you can help….i suppose you could also make it worse.


2 Comments on “Is it wrong to get the dead to help with recycling”

  1. tanya says:

    Went to visit my Grandads grave six months ago & after searching for hours for the gravesite (which is inedibly imprinted on my brain as i almost fell into his grave during his funeral seventeen years ago) went to the little information kiosk to findout what had happened to his gravestone – apparently that had been stolen, go figure, i’m sure the granite can be recycled in some way. i was then informed that he only had three months left in his plot but if i payed ZAR600 i could buy him another fifteen years. Mmmmm, in light of the present debacle i’m super happy i chose to spend my ZAR600 on a new colleen eitzen dress.

  2. Bob Boersen says:

    I am so in favour of burn baby burn tactics cause the idea of all the little bugs and worms (are you secretly a serial killer Judd with that worm farm??) munching away at me once I die, is not exactly how I imagined the after-life to be…

    Yes, burn me… then either;

    a) store my ashes on the mantlepiece like some sicko!! (who the heck does that??!!)
    b) throw them out over a sea/forest/lake/mountain…
    c) carry out some awkward secretive ritual in which you rub your body in my ashes before giving the God of your choice (yes, I’m not that religious at all) another human sacrifice; preferably with cannibalism at the heart of the ceremony. Here’s a 2 for 1 offer that the Durban council can’t say no to. Two people less to bury…

    Of course, I’d prefer option b but really am not too fussed when it boils down to it.

    Perhaps next week’s vote can be whether or not to decriminalise cannibalism! 🙂