hey look at how we are saving the planet on your behalf


i want to swim in a pool of fantina cheese


Meat Free Monday
Lunch Menu
(no animals were harmed in the making of this menu)

Beetroot and Sesame Seed Patties with a Homemade Mayo
Served with a Corner Cafe Garden Salad

Man Salad
Roasted Veg, Lentils, Fresh Greens, Feta, Pesto Dressing and Seeds

Homemade Pizza
Topped with Black Mushrooms, Cream Cheese, Red Onion & Pesto

Creamy Risotto
With Pea, Spinach, Mustard Greens & Parmesan

Tart of the Day
Pepperdew, Courgette & Feta
Served with a Fresh Corner Cafe Garden Salad


Aubergine, Red Pepper, Mature Chedder and Mayo on Ciabatta
Tomato, Pesto, Halloumi, Rocket on Ciabatta
Grilled Fontina Cheese, Wholegrain Mustard, Grilled Cherry Tomatoes on Rye


4 Comments on “hey look at how we are saving the planet on your behalf”

  1. Lara says:

    Oops make that Juddypoo!

  2. Lara says:

    Gonna have to start driving to Durbs more often…do u subsidise petrol? Midlands coffees taste shitty after indulging in Juddipoo coffee.

  3. Steltjie says:

    Dude, you need a student-price-friendly sarmie for Meatless Mondays…you know, for us fluff-loving academics who earn less than…well no one earns less than students ’cause we don’t get paid for our work.

    Food for good grades!!!! ^_^

  4. Carol Buchan says:

    That sounds just yummie!!!!Well done.