im going to wet my pants im so excited.

we, the blog crew, are adding some very cool new things/ideas/stuff. i cant say too much, except that the work load has stepped up so much that we had to bring in another pair of hands. she is very hot, we call her “dark knight” (i think because her hair is dark & cause she is putting together a guide for whats happening in durban over the weekends and most of the stuff happening at night/knight) .

2slice, dark knight & i promise not to bore you with stupid things like “fridays are student nights at blah blah blah” or ‘pensioners eat for half price at simply fish tonight”. oh no folks this will be the funky, definative guide to all things uniquely durban (did i spell uniquely right) and things out of the norm, heaven forbid you have friends out form spain and they miss out on anything that screams uber cool durban chic fun.

um what else, oh ya from next week we will be running a “face of the week” were we will introduce durban to someone we really like. oh and on wednesdays( i think its wednesday) we will have a yoga pose that changes weekly(my dads a yoga teacher and as supple as a pretsel). so ya, fun and games are coming for this little bloggy poo.

also we have been offered some super cool things to give away (ill take the cream off that milk if you know what i mean). unfortunately these prizes will only go to our loyal subscribers(yes that is my way of getting you to subscribe so that when people want to advertise on my blog they will see our super impresive hit count and be forced to pay a huge premium to hook up with us and i can finally get out of this silly restaurant game.)

oh there is more but ive got to keep you coming back(hit count thing remember)

i love being in your computers(‘im in here” judd said, in a quiet little gnome voice)

juddy poo


3 Comments on “im going to wet my pants im so excited.”

  1. CRAIG (the finance guy) says:

    I would say make me face of the week but then i might scare the customers away and we dont want that happening. But my wife still loves me.

  2. Lauren Berry says:

    Juddy-poo, its me…Loll-i-poo from down the road at Mooi. I want to be face of the week….yayayayayay pick me. pick me. And Fi can come too.

  3. Sioux says:

    You spelt ‘gnome’ correctly!