Due to the economic recession i wont be giving away free coffee cards, sorry. I just wanted hits on my blog.

Nah, me make a joke. I`ll stick to my word (i only hope that the top 3 live in Knysna or Mietjiesfontein so that you don’t come in too often).

Well done, first place with 42% goes to Barney the purple dinosaur who will never be allowed to take part in our poll again cause he has too many friends, second with 33% is Christy with her government funded gym that saves money & energy but eats into my profits, and 3rd place goes to Rachel with 11% of the votes for her eco friendly living ideas that will impact directly on my wife’s Christmas presents.




Ahh, hell I’m in so much financial poo after these cards hit the scene i might as well throw in free coffee for the other 3 runner upper people…just till the end of the week.

Please can all six of you come in to collect your prizes, I’m dying to meet the people who have taken money out of my kids mouth (joking, i can’t have kids since the “accident”)

On a serious note, shit folks nice response. great to see the corner cafe isn’t alone in it’s quest to be eco superhereos. TwoSlice (the brains behind this blog, I’m just the bad spelling guy) and i have been blown away with all the emails and hits this blog has received (over a thousand this month, and its only the 5th china`s) (do you guys get annoyed when i use the brackets so much) (you can tell me) (i wont take offense) (honest).

I love you all equally (except the top 3)

P.S. a lot of you are asking who is ‘TwoSlice’ and why is he named that. He is just a guy who walked into the cafe with a set of skills i lack, he can type with both hands at once, he can copy and paste like a mamba & knows lots about the google button on the internet machine (his wife also left him for some ad agency guy, but he has put that aside and is looking for a good Christian girl). When his wife ran away he lost a lot of weight and he only ever ate two slices of his pizza, the staff and i used to call him TwoSlice because we never knew his name and it just stuck.


3 Comments on “Due to the economic recession i wont be giving away free coffee cards, sorry. I just wanted hits on my blog.”

  1. CRAIG (the finance guy) says:

    Juddiepoo im glad you had a winner and i bet your glad i didnt enter, because of the amount of coffee i drink he he he. Well done Barney seeing as you live in the larney area of Durbs and cant get to the corner cafe as much as i can i think you need to hand over your prize to me LOL!!!.

  2. Christy says:

    I like a man who admits defeat

  3. Warner bro's (formerly know as Merv) says:

    Considering i turned down the idea that won my girlfriend free coffee for life,because i thought it was stupid.i have now decided that i can be called by all the names of companies that made the same mistakes: ibm for giving the SAP program code away for free,warner bro’s for turning down star wars,panasonic for saying the ipod would never work and finally,apple who fired steve job,only to rehire back again..yes,i regrett not using the idea for myself,but i think i have added to the environment too,because christy lives in the mountains and i live around the corner..judd would go bankrupt and have to sell his wife to an arab, and everybody would forget about the planet because the corner cafe isn’t there to keep reminding us to care:)