While you wait for results.. get ready for the new Cafe dress code

So, if you’ve been living under a rock, or worse- having an all night Twilight marathon with your BFFs, you won’t know that one post below is a war-zone. 6 people fighting it out for free-coffee-for-life at The Corner Cafe. It’s ’94 all over again: the rivalry, the tensions and anxiety, and no doubt shameless intimidation from the likes of Rachel and Glen.

Who knows hows this is going to end. I’ve already started re-using my bath water, and cooking out of a recipe book called “When All You Have Is Baked Beans”. Just to be sure.

Hopefully we’ve created some awareness that the planet needs our help during this process- the corner guys haven’t just been sitting around doing nothing by the way.. Judd has been researching like a madman (I say “researching” because “googling” makes it sound like he just sat and drank coffee while browsing YouTube for videos with nice ladies in them) and finally landed on a video that’s inspired the cafe’s contribution to this competition.. Those share/like buttons aren’t there for me to imagine various what-could-be scenarios, put those suckers to use.

Needless to say Judd has implemented the new dress code as of this very moment!

Hugs and Kisses
TwoSlice Dré