You chose our menu, now choose the winner- the finalists are..

Some of you might never pay for coffee here again!

And the finalists are…drum roll please.

Yip these six little Eco wannabe green hero’s are my favorite. Some of your answers like “lets kill all the humans” or “I like litter” didn’t make it for obvious reasons and the “lets move to Mars” guy, you know who you are, idoit freak planet killer monkey slut. Dont hate me if you didnt make the top 6 I still love you all lank for trying.

The little poll thingy at the bottom will show you how its all panning out. It’s simple- like a rubik’s cube. No? Oh, I thought everyone could do it. This, like the 94 elections, is free and fair.(although I took bribes from people who wanted to make the top 6)

You may now vote for the new president of S.A.


If I were President of the World (which I plan to be shortly, if only I could get enough coffee)  I would make the world currency the “EcoDollar” and this currency would be backed by the Kilo Watt (the same way the Rand used to be backed by gold). Therefore your money would be worth a measureable amount of energy.

Things would therefore be priced according to the amount of energy that is required to produce, transport, package, etc, it
A persons labor is also quantifiable in terms of energy used, for example a man picking coffee and carrying it to the mill, clearly uses much more energy than a banker, who moves a mouse to transport one and zeros from your account to his, and people should be paid for their energy accordingly (kind of like the horsepower measure that watts are based on).

But not all energy is created equal, and this should also be reflected in the value of the EcoDollar. A kilowatt produced from a coal fired power station should be the equivalent of the Zimbabwean dollar while a wind generated kilowatt should be like the Euro, and called something like the “EcoWatt”. There is however already an established way of quantifying these values easily, according to the existing carbon credit/trading system.

Essentially the Ecowatt/EcoDollar would provide people and business the economic incentive to start taking alternative energy seriously, and start to change the way we value things, people and the environment. The law of economics states that people respond to incentives, so rules around money, trade, etc, need to change, so as to incentivize people to behave in a way in which they value the environment most highly.


If I was president I would make it compulsory for every school to be involved
in the learning and implementing of eco friendly living. Here are my ideas:

* Part of the teaching degree should have modules focusing on conservation and
the environment
*Every school should have an ‘Earth worm factory’ where students and educators
can throw left over lunches etc into the cool factory and be able to see how it
all works.
*Have different marked ‘trash cans’. Maybe with different colours so even the
pre schoolers can learn what material goes into which bin.
*Solar panelling and wind turbines ( My Husband is a budding architect and
tells me all about the “Green” way of building now.. so it can be done in
*Life orientation lessons can include lessons on How to Make.. your own
garden.. recycling goods.. etc. The current curriculum does touch on a few of
these topics but it can be inhanced with practical activities within the school
so that the children can see the rewards.
* The government should give higher subsidies to the schools that are trying to
be eco friendly.


I would make recycling mandatory, cause our landfills are almost full. So every home would be equipped with all the right bins, and info on how to sort. And rubbish would be collected separately and recycled. And fines would be issued for not recycling. And taxes introduced on goods purchased in non-recyclable packaging (like those stupid tetra-pack things). Okay the logistics would need to be worked on, but that’s my plan.


My idea to environmentally change the world does not fall too far from the tree-

You’ve seen the hamster on his wheel generate electricity to light up a light bulb, and now it’s our turn to open a government funded line of gyms where people will transfer energy using cardio equipment.

The attraction to work out is 3-fold …

  • The cost for such a gym membership covers the cost and maintenance of the equipment only. A profit to pay staff, run the gym etc comes from selling advertising space, running promotions, running a coffee shop, babysitters etc.
  • The amount of energy generated by a certain individual will be accumulated and deducted off their lights and water bill at the end of the month. Each piece of equipment will have a swiping device for each member’s card.
  • Who wouldn’t want to get fit and pay their bills at the same time?

The energy produced is CLEAN and benefits all those who use it. Simple.


Education: I would bring in to the education syllabus Environmental Awareness. The subject would be mandatory for all school students. With where the planet is going an awareness from all people is critical and the biggest issue is that people don’t know what they don’t know – we need to remove that issue and give the next generations the tools and understanding to make things better. The new King III report (Government guideline on good business practice) states that company’s should now be concerned with a triple bottom line, not just profit. They have broken this up into: Financial reporting (Profit and Loss statements etc eg what impact is the business making on its shareholders), Community – NEW (what impact is the business making on the community) and Environment – NEW (what impact is the business making on the environment).

Taxes: I would sin tax the sale of non-indigenous plants and use the proceeds to line South African roads and transport corridors (land owned by government) with indigenous plants. There is enough land here to bring back massive eco systems to stabilise the environment! We live in homes, animals live in indigenouse landscapes. They have rights too.

Electricity: I would allow competitors of green energy to go up against Eskom – even individual home owners with surpluss power – and allow them to add power to the national grid. This would involve discounting the cost of Eskom energy in relation the green energy supplied by that company/individual. The aim here is to move away from battery packs which are not good for the environment as well as incentivise people to do what they can for energy.

Population: I would limit family size to 2. The growing population is demanding more and more from a limited amount of resources.


Ok. So here’s my big change: I would make miles and miles of cycling lanes. Then I would give massive tax rebates to those people who ride bicycles to and from work as well as those offices/companies that provide showers for their employees and encourage cycling. It’s not as hard as it seems. I’d also set up ‘park and ride’ facilities –> central places where one can park their car and cycle the rest of the way to work. As well as reducing nasty exhaust fumes, it makes everyone fitter and more productive.