Ok, stop sending emails…

We’ve had literally hundreds of mails with answers ranging from stupid to down right ingenious, but we have to stop taking anymore answers at 12pm today so we can go through them.

My fantastic plan is to allow you the coffee addicted public to choose from the top 6 which we will put up at 5pm sharp, not quarter past or even 5 past 5, but 5pm to the second.

Ive had the most amazing, mind blowing, cannabis inhaling, quart drinking, kwa marshu cruising, eye opening weekend of my life. I need to just write it all down, you’ve just got to go. This blog will never be used as a marketing tool I just won’t cheapen myself…anymore, but ive just got to punt this tour company…more to follow china’s oh yes, more to follow

But first things first lets get this free coffee for life (did 2slice tell you we are giving out 3 cards now, funny bugger hey) out the way, I didn’t expect so many of you to take it so seriously. Ive been offered bribes all weekend I feel like a traffic cop, even a d.j. on Friday offered me some money to swing the vote…and I was very tempted because of my shallowness so ive forced the decision from my weak hands and into yours.

Vote wisely, with great power comes great responsibility (Spiderman)

I love my life. I love my weekend.
Let’s hug it out.



One Comment on “Ok, stop sending emails…”

  1. nicola says:

    huh … cant believe rachel and I had the same idea but it was better than mine !!! apparently !! I think she was looking over my shoulder when I was getting my thoughts and ideas together !!! She has my vote though – !!!