Free coffee for life, to one lucky china bean.

Dear guys & dolls,

Its with a very happy heart that i announce the launch of “Judd Coffee”.

Is it arrogant to name a coffee after you? maybe, will it keep me focused and ensure quality? hell yes. Don’t get me wrong, its not like i actually sourced the coffee or roasted the beans. Oh no, the only thing i did was make a few calls and taste a never ending sea of espresso. Its those “pushers” from colombo that did the hard work and stuck to my 4 wishes:

all African
100% Arabica
only seasonal beans
recyclable packaging way, if you want to know more ask them, I’m here to tell you its fantastic and we have started selling this wonderful drug through the cafe. Here’s the form thingy where you can order..

So to launch this new super blend, we are giving away a card, oh no it aint one of those silly voucher cards, this card will change your life, this card will help you through those bad days, a card to raise you up & set you free.

This card is made from wood(yes recycled damit) and will entitle the bearer to free coffee for life, not like one coffee a day or card that can’t be used on certain public holidays…..this is a no bullshit card that allows you free coffee as much as your body can take.

But you got to answer this one easy question first…”what huge environmental change would you bring about if you were made president (it took me 4 goes to spell president). don’t post your answer as a comment on this post, we won’t be checking it there.. email your answer to .you will not be judged and i wont use your name when i announce the winner on the blog at 5pm tomorow night when we start our little “oh cool looks what’s happening in Durb`s this weekend calendar”.

I love you all and coffee is the real winner.


5 Comments on “Free coffee for life, to one lucky china bean.”

  1. Carol Buchan says:

    Hi Judd, Your coffee sounds awesome, I will definitely come round for a try out once I have a few more facts. You forgot one thing though, what about Fair Trade or similar? Or are you one of those capitalists who dont give a rip about child labour and exploitation?

    • juddypoo says:

      carol, we are already planning a trip to kenya in december, the plan is to support and help the local growers. the end goal is a 100% eco friendly product and a local farmer who gets all the profits. its a goal we will achive.
      welcome to my blog, please subscribe and we will keep you informed of our progress.


  2. Juddy Poo’s Delishy Beanie Beans
    In order to attempt to earn delicious free coffee for the rest of my life I will pledge to go on a meat free, enviro friendly Corner Cafe diet for an entire month. I will pledge only to eat vegetarian food from the Cafe and will update my blog daily with what I have eaten and my weight. For meals outside of the cafe I will only use items purchased from the cafe.

    Sooo… what do you say Judd, are you game? Think I can do it for a whole month without cheating? I want to nibble your coffee beans baby.

    Maybe I can even get sponsors to sponsor me per kg I lose and donate the money to an enviro friendly charity – no Judd, not yours!

    Hmmm, this is all definitely food for thought.

  3. Garth Anderson says:

    Hello Judd!
    I would LOVE to win your Free Coffee For Life offer.
    I had my first meal at The Corner Cafe on Wednesday, a beautiful breakfast of scrambled egg, chicken sausage, mushrooms, grilled tomato and toast, with an excellent coffee. It was superb! Your staff are friendly, helpful and more than efficient. I look forward to many meals at your superb Corner Cafe!
    Very best regards,
    Garth Anderson.
    PS In the theatre, we would wish you “Breal a leg!”, but having lost both mine, I won’t wish you anything of the sort. GOOD LUCK!!!!!