Juddboy slim, without the slim…

Durban will remember where they were the day i became a pro DJ, just like we all remember where we were when Diana died…

Picture it folks, its balmy Friday night. I get wind of party at Unit 11. its one of the guys from Veranda Panda and the Bamboo Architects, remember that group that i really enjoyed from “red eye”, well any who its one of them.

I haven’t been to a club in years, I’m just far too mature for that kind of shit. And what’s worse is Nathan Redpath aka KingB (not sure either but ill ask him later) is only starting his set(its d.j. talk) at 10:30pm, I’m normally asleep by 9pm on a Friday, i can’t be tired on sat breaky at the cafe…its suicide i tell you.

R10 gets you in, nice hey(I’m a little saddend by the lack of a Boerewors station at the front door) its empty but its only 8pm (eager beavers) so i put out a vibe and head for the bar. The bar lady is gorgeous, giant smile and said those 4 magic words “free popcorn all night” there was a spark I’m sure but my wife says she didn’t see it. I threw back the first castle lite in 2 sips, its hot in durban, with my waiter instincts i scanned the room. To my delight i saw table tennis set-up in the far corner (now that i think of it why the hell was there table tennis in a club) my wife beat me 5 games in a row, i got a few lucky points in, put she cleaned the floor with my arse(ive watched forest gump over 20 times i honestly thought i was going to win) its hard to play whilst eating popcorn, that’s all I’m saying about that. Stupid game anyway.

Its started getting busy, i thought i was going to be the only guy who shaved in the room but it turned into a great crowd, people i hadn’t seen in years and now had a bond and 1.5 kids.

And then it happened, i remember every detail, word & beat with pure clarity.

KingB started playing (check him on facebook), i think the music was good because people started dancing, but ive never bought a c.d. so i was hardly an authority on the subject (ok i bought a “savage garden” c.d for a friend by mistake once instead of “sound garden” and he made me keep it)

I stood behind KingB as he spun his magic tunes (people dance weirdly these days, have you noticed) then in a show of pure trust he handed me the earphones and took my popcorn (bag 8, free popcorn hurt them that night) “put these on, push this pause button, and pull this circle backwards, when i say go” i shat my self, on putting the earphones on i said they are broken cause the music coming out wasn’t the same music the okes were dancing to “dah, not yet” in my still limited understanding of dj-ing, i think i was supposed to blend the one Track (lingo bingo) to the next. Through an immense amount of timing and focus, that i clearly lacked, save for that one cool few seconds when the crowd went mad, arms thrown into the air, the cheers muffled the music (one girl just dropped, security got her out the way before she was trampled to death) when KingB asked for the headphones back, well that was that, the crowd wasn’t having it “HELL NO JUDD DONT GO, HELL NO JUDD DONT GO” i felt sad for him.

Ive been asked to play at Origins on the 9th of October, anyone want to buy The Corner Cafe?