I’m thinking of reversing global warming on Monday.

The cafe is pumping, I’m slowly paying off my bond & the wife and i don’t want kids(although not having kids is great for the planet, we are doing it cause we don’t want a little rug rat running around crying cause he/she can’t watch cartoons cause dad, who paid for the d.s.t.v. by the way, wants to watch movies.) so while we are in a position to do good, id like to try “no meat Mondays”.

So scientists are all agreeing that a sure way to reverse this “global warming thingy” would be for all mankind to stop eating meat, its due to all the water used to produce piggy’s, moo cows etc aswell as all the methane they give off & the big one is the amount of oil used in producing the feed for those little fart factories.

Don’t get me wrong i like meat, I act like a rabid dog around a nice fillet, in fact ive got a problem with meat, i could eat a chicken flatty on a salami pizza, topped with a sirloin and drenched in a prawn and chorizo sauce.(shit maybe this global warming thing is my fault).

My question to you folks, and our first Monday poll, is can i make the cafe meat free for one day a week?

Just Mondays, thats it i promise, still yummy scrambie eggys with grilled mushies, eggs benedict with fresh slices of tomato instead of bacon, and that welsh rabbit(hows that bad boy hey). And lunch will still see a wide selection of sarmies and salads as well as some funky veg specials i.e. pesto penne or giant quiches with sundried tomato`s blah blah blah.
But we need to stick together in this fight, we need to unite reduce these giant farting bovine. Ill take the risk of losing a few customers if the vote goes the right way(there will always be some guy who`s red meat must be in 3 meals a day.)
I need a majority win here folks, help me help the planet. I’m ok i wont have kids but your kids will have to dress like Homer Simpson at work just to play in the park, the next generation laundry will only take 3mins to dry on the line & if you live 20km inland you will have beachfront property, imagine surfing in front of the Sanlam Centre.

I promise to make “Meat free Mondays” a culinary delight if you vote for it. Its one bloody day, pull your thumb at your butt and save the planet.


15 Comments on “I’m thinking of reversing global warming on Monday.”

  1. You know I will always support all things vegetable! Bring it on! I may even leave the house for a change and pop over for a bite. Send me more details and I’ll post about it on gibberlicious.

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  3. Woody says:

    You should consider a calender.
    You will never change Judd.

  4. How did you get my email address? Is your Kiosk still running? You know you look like a fat Buddy Holly????

    • juddypoo says:

      u look like a cross between sterling mortlock and maculey culken, but i guess thats what i like about u….roar, you are like a mullet buisness and pleasure

  5. Barbs says:

    Count me in. Tho you just put me off spinach.. Haha LOVE the pic!

  6. Terri says:

    In that case, expect to see me in the cafe EVERY Monday! Go Meat Free Monday’s go!!

  7. shanna jones says:

    well done juddy . . 9 months and counting has seen no meat for me ! yip, if everyone just made monday no-meat-day it would make a helluva difference ! you’re a legend ! big up brother macguire !

  8. Estelle says:

    Hey Judd,

    It’s TwoSlice and your workout buddy (Glen)’s galpal here!!!! I love the Veggie Monday idea!!! I’m always bitching about restuarants not making enough of an effort to cater for “veggies” and here you come along… now I have no reason to bitch anymore! Yay!!!

  9. Glen says:

    Judd! Have you been working out?

  10. Sandy says:

    Very amusing reading…. wouldn’t believe you were such a great cook as well (or is that your wife?!)

  11. Anne says:

    Oh one other thing – as it is “pole” Monday can you post a pic of you pole dancing in that outfit…….

  12. Anne says:

    Thanks Judd – you’re the best.