BP now involved in huge coffee spill!

Calling all people who have never clubbed a seal,
I haven’t laughed like this since I was a little girl, I may even have made a wee wee in my shorts, you just must see this video.
As from next week this blog gets a little face lift/revamp oh yes, it started out as some chubby waiter talking trash and blossomed into a forum for truth, love & coffee, oh and if you do an Eco crime, your nuts are mine.
We will fight them on the non blue flag beaches, we will fight them in the rapidly heating air & we will cause 7 kinds of poo.
I love you weather you have subscribed to the blog or not(I cant hint more than that)

Ps… posted on behalf of Judd by TwoSlice while weeing…. this is exact sms I got from him:
“I literally posted this while urinating at a cheap gas station in a dirty, probably racist town in the middle of nowhere.. Not sure how that makes you feel? Personally, I think we just bonded..”