erectile disfunction leads to rhino killing…

(Werner Beukes, SAPA)

Eleven people, including two veterinarians, a pilot and a game farmer, all allegedly part of a “callous” rhino poaching syndicate, have been granted bail- via ‘Callous’ rhino poaching – 11 get bail. (News24)

1.) he must be the leader cause even his collar needs rhino horn, lock him up

2.)that top is so last summer Mr Price, lock her up.

3.) his mom said pick on somebody your own size so he went for rhino`s, lock him up.

4.)hmm, she`s cute, i say let her go, everyone desrves a second  chance…nah lock her up

if this was monday, id run a poll for who thinks that these rhino killers should be locked in a police van with the 3 rhinos on heat….but it aint monday, but mondays coming, oh yes mondays coming


2 Comments on “erectile disfunction leads to rhino killing…”

  1. Nicola says:

    gggaaaahhhh rhino-horn goooodd!!!