I’ve really stuffed up this time..

…folks ive done it this time, i had a fight with a customer, she felt the toast wasn’t toasted(I’m serious) so she sent me this email, id like you to hear both sides of the story and then look at the two pictures and only then cast your vote. There is also a comment box so please feel free to leave a comment regarding my attitude(maybe i do need a little slap in the face) you may vote as often as you like. Her letter is written in black and mine in red. There are no names so go wild my little tigers vent…

Dear Judd,

I felt it necessary to write to you to air my views on our experience at The Corner Cafe this morning, as follows:  Firstly, I don’t believe there is any law that a restaurant can only have 2 tables in the back yard of the restaurant. I could understand such restrictions for the pavement, but not on the premises in the garden. You are limiting the smokers in so doing, while you may not be a smoker you are a restaurateur who is in business to make money and who should consider smokers as well as non-smokers – who’s money is just as good as non-smokers money. As regulars you could well have made a plan and placed a table outside for us this morning, but you flatly refused – with an attitude of ‘like it or go’. We felt unwelcome and insulted.

My wife smokes, my brother smokes and last night i had a ciggy or two, my problem is not with smokers but with with non smokers…there are two many of them, and so my tables will stay where they are. You will never run my buisness and i will never try run yours. I shouldve asked you to leave, I’m sorry i didn’t because you are never happy at my cafe, never. Infact the fisrt time you came was on one of our evening dinners, when i came to get your oredr you said i that our menu was too exotic (risotto, beef fillet on mash, fish on veg and a salad) you had two cokes and left. And you are not regulars, and are not allowed back, ever, the right of admission is reserved here. But I’m truly sorry you felt insulted that was never my aim.

Secondly, when I mentioned to you that our toast under the scrambled egg was not toasted, you went and defended yourself by justifying that quote, ‘other diners complain if the toast is too crisp’, unquote. It doesn’t concern me how other people like their toast – I like my toast to be toast, and not un toasted – which I think is pretty logical – you either ask for bread or you ask for toast – and we all know what toast looks like. I suggest you adjust your attitude when a customer makes a valid complaint, instead of justifying the mistake, rather admit it, apologise and offer to replace it. (Instead of replacing the bread with toast you walked away as if we were complaining out of turn.)  I realize you are extremely popular and busy, hence your attitude of ‘like it or leave it’ – which is not an ideal attitude no matter how popular a restaurant is.

Firstly in my opinion, you have never made a valid complaint.You said that it wasn’t toast on your plate but bread, but when you turned the bread/toast over there was brown discoloration. That was from the toaster becoming very hot and browning (or toasting of the bread) only you and i know what colour the toast/bread was. I hope that one day you will admit that your toast was toasted, but it will still not let you into the cafe again I’m afraid. We are very busy, but its because we have a great vibe, but that takes work, i didn’t walk away for any other reason than that we were pumping, however you were certainly complaining out of turn and i had more important things to do than look at your bread that had clearly been toasted.

Furthermore, when we mentioned to your wife that the bacon was too thick, she justified it by explaining that it’s organic and that it’s very good bacon et etc etc…….again, you don’t argue with a customer – thinly sliced bacon is the norm. Our feed back on the bacon is that it is tasteless and far too thick, it our crit means anything.  I suppose if I had to also mention that the cappuccino of late has been served luke warm you would also defend that (Nope, Kyle from Colombo was kind enough to do it for me).  Please, maintain a professional attitude and remember, the customer pays the bills.
Sincerely,  Very Unsatisfied

My wife has gone to great lengths (its really too much to go into now) to make this cafe anything but the norm, we would rather both jump off a building and catch our eyelid on a nail than be “the norm” i never want to be normal in any way. We don’t mark our bacon up enough as it would make our breakys too expensive for some of our customers, its our pride and joy, its the first truly eco friendly, hormone free , anti-boitic free product we stock, and it will stay as it is. This is a case of “like it or leave” as you say.

(I showed your email to Vikki from Hope Meats and this is what she had to say: (Wow Judd, that’s a first!  That is the standard thickness for bacon to be sliced and we have only ever had compliments in the past)

Ending off id like to say that I’m very sorry that you never once enjoyed yourself at the cafe, its a fantastic place, I have a ball at work, we are closed on a sunday and i miss it.

I’ve served Pavarotti in london and he was an arrogant bastard, he complained about everything, he was only happy when he was not happy….why would someone always want to be that unhappy. Why not smile a bit i used to think anyway…now its none of my buisness.

I truly hope you find a place/cafe where you feel at home, a place where the bacon is thin and the toast is crispy. I’m sorry my cafe isn’t for you.
Please respect my wishes and never return, ever.

May your day be filled with joy and love and light.
Judd the waiter with bad attitude.

Slice One

Slice Two


58 Comments on “I’ve really stuffed up this time..”

  1. David Donde says:

    Judd I must agree with your customer. Thinly sliced bacon is the norm. Now I cannot think of a single good reason why that should be so. Other than to justify saving money by pretending to give bigger portions. More puny, pathetic slices apparently being preferable. Viva the obscen thick sliced stuff I say. Now as to lukewarm coffee. I feel that I am the personal savior of the sanctity of the lukewarm cup. The proteins in the milk denaturing at 80˚C. Now no-one is particularly sad to mourn those proteins unravelling and losing their curled up form. O st least they wouldn’t be if it didn’t make the milk taste kak when it does so. So life is full of choices then. Lukewarm and tastes like the heavenly drink it should or hot and dreadful. On a side note, possibly the reason us Seth Efrikkens believe in lava like beverages could be that if the coffee is bad enough, the only way to sneak it past your taste buds is to make it too hot to taste.

    • juddypoo says:

      ive heard myths of this “david Donde” from truth coffee…an honour to have u on my blog.
      i`d take a bullet for most of my customers, but that bitch needed one.
      i will not come to your neck of the woods without looking you up for a cuppa & a chat, im sure two coffee sluts such as us would have a great deal to chat about.
      keep fighting the good fight.
      juddy poo
      p.s. standby for my coffee, we launch in under a month…tick tock

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  3. hhaaaha haa haaaa hhaaaa aaahh haaaaa haaaaa



  4. Cristina says:

    Ciao Judd and Jeane,
    Actually, toast ONE seems too toasted to me…but what do I know, I am Italian after all and we do not do toast! But we do “panini” and we do “coffee” and yours are really special. So, VIVA Corner Cafe’….
    Besides, I do not think the customer is always right just because pays…

  5. Angela Short says:

    I am a smoker and have never felt unwelcome, as for the food, if people are looking for mass produced crap with no character then McDonalds is the way to go – I hear they do not do toast tho…..can’t please everyone!

  6. Claire says:

    When it is busy, people like that don’t deserve a table. Send us her details and we can organise the boys to go round and sort out her knee caps…

    Saving the Cafe, one ungrateful customer at a time I say!