Free wine is a stupid thing…

too much pinotage will do that to you

…what company in there right mind would give out free wine, hello. Its not a proplem for me, but my wife and i have these new friends. Lets just call them Lish & Tisa. We do dinner every Wednesday with these girls and most sundays, we are in that honeymoon friendship stage(might only last a few months), they are the kind of people who will never come round during the rugby or the M-net movie on a Sunday at eight, anywho(I’m going off the point here) Lish and i are similar, refined, sophisticated and very cool. But Tisa and my wife are very similar impulsive, naughty & love wine buy the 5l. With this in mind i put my foot down in the lift “we leave at 9pm, i have a very successfull cafe to run in the morning” i said firmy “youre getting old” came the reply. Whatever.

photo has been sensored for the sake of small children who may log onto my blog

After a bit of snogging in the lift, the doors opened to free booze. Wines, brandys, rums, patron and even cocktails. The wife turned to me and with a look that said “9pm aint going to happen”

I blame V.D.P wine distributors for the hangover, i never drink on a school night.

When firemen enter a burning building they always turn left and hug the wall until they get out, its the surest way of making it out in the event of heavy smoke. Well we did the same, unfortunately the first stand was the Patron stand, we should’ve turned right(bloody firemen) the first tasting saw us try 3 types of Patron and 2 rums. Delicious but we were in shit, there was no way we were getting out of this burning building. I was tipsy and we had 15 or so stands to go.

 Thank God for the snax, they helped us through this difficult time, very good snax actually, normal at those things its spring rolls and kuk like that (i can’t remember what the snax were but they were nice) it was nice to socialize with the industry again, cool people(all of us) so its taste and spit, but no-one told my wife and Tisa. So Lish and i are putting out a vibe and the other two are trying to buy cases of wines they can’t pronounce “i`ll have two cashes of the shoshendal” says Tisa “and some of that pinoshaz” so embarrassing for Lish and i, we left them. Rather an empty credit card than a room of people who knew we knew them, if you know what i mean.

from left Mo, 3rd best waiter in the country, Lish, just shocked at Tisa`s behavior, but loving the 2008 syrah- grenache(yummy), judd- best waiter in the country, and loving the girl behind the “first sighting estate” counter. Sean form cafe 1999- nice wife(he invited us for dinner and i said hell yes) ross - dew water rep-ross, we kept sneaking out to his car and drinking dew, 5 years ago it wouldve been weed. Tisa - thought the whole event was in her honor, those estates made a killing off her. Wifey- (yummy hey) but wine was the light of her night, i told the first sighting girl she was my sister. Sam - token hot chick, every party needs one(now that i think about it she was very well behaved, something aint right.)

We drank, we laughed, we relaxed then we went to House of Curries and ate rotis till we had to undo our top buttons. My life is perfect.


3 Comments on “Free wine is a stupid thing…”

  1. Glenn Harpur says:

    Ha ha, think you have the wrong Glenn here, Juddy-Poo…Glen Surtees is your workout buddy; this is Glenn Harpur, the really, really, really ridiculously good looking one!

  2. Glenn Harpur says:

    Two things: 1. In the top photo you look just like Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords (which is a good thing). 2. You’re wearing the same shirt in two consective posts – eeeeek! Big fashion no-no!

    • juddypoo says:

      firstly, every muscle i have is burning deep down to my soul
      secondly, they are similar shirts, but not same i will show u wednesday when we damage our bodies again