Mumbo jomba take 2, ying and yang.

Now I’m pumped, I’m ready, ive got the lowdown again. Its two shows in one this time. 1st up is “a contre sud” its french for “damn we can dance like Paula Abdul used to be able to” its three local boys and two from Reunion(one of which is in the show and the other is the director). some blah blah about the two cultures dance styles merging or some stuff that just didn’t hold my attention.

Well slap my tits these okes were four of the fittest guys ive ever seen(they could keep up with me on the promenade for sure) it starts off slow and I’m praying it picks up cause so far the day has been hectic, cafe was manic, sharks kicked arse earlier and i was pooped i needed some pick me up & I’m off the coke now(cocaine not coke-a-cola).

It picked up fantastically and truly was amazing to see how they could just go on and on(their wifes must be so happy) and there bodies looked like Daniel Craig`s in “casino royal”(bastards). It can’t be easy to remember the whole routine either, its an hour of jumping and rolling and legs kicking out and just missing the other guy, its like martial arts on acid.

Hectic stuff, by the time its interval I’m exhuasted for these buggers, haven’t got a clue as to what happened in there, i know they danced and it was great stuff, but i hope they werent trying to say something through the show, like opera for people who don’t speak italian, cause it went over my head. I earned my castle lite at interval.

Shayna found me just before we headed in and said now this ones going to be a little different(i now know that means RUN) it was entitled “soulscapes” but it could have also been entitled “lassie returns” cause the title and the show just didn’t meet up in my little brain that was desperate to enjoy 2 shows back to back….but that wasnt going to happen, not from lack of trying on my part mind you.

The following actually happened. I’m going to put in point form ;-

  • 20 dancers started by running and putting stones on the one side of the stage and then running off on the other side of the stage
  • then they found more stones and placed them around the stage, some in piles, some not(i looked for a pattern, fuck anything that said what was going on would help)
  • then a few flick flacks and a stone moved 3 inches to the left(the worst is when the audience starts clapping and i dont know what i just missed, that makes me mad)
  • the dance moves are fantastic and i can’t even imagine the effort and hours of work that go into this sort of thing, but if they are trying to say something through the dancers then please just bloody tell me, I’m telling you all three C.S.I teams would be stumped….and that Horatio would have an even stupider look on his face as he nibbles on his glasses thinking “why the stones, what is the killer/choreographer trying to show us here, what are we missing”
  • then the main dancer picks up two hand fulls of sand from the pile on the far left hand side of the stage(shit, i forgot to tell you about the sand, would it have helped) he then walks slowly, and folks i can’t emphasize enough he was walking very slowly, and allowing the sand to fall through his fingers as he walked slowly, oh so very slowly, and slowly he walked on.
  • He may have made it the whole way round the stage, but i couldnt watch any more, my eyes where closing, i thought if i could just keep them open until he gets to the little dancer kid lying on the floor, then i would tell the wife i needed a pee and would have excused myself and had another castle lite.
  • as he got to the dancer kid and seconds before i left the theatre, the slow moving dancer(and he was slow) he dropped the sand on the little dancer kid, the lights went out and the show ended. I jumped up and started clapping like a possessed madman, i made it i was free. “ill get the car honey, lets move.”

I tried, but it was all too much for my still forming cultural sector of my brain, maybe I pushed it with the two shows in one night, i was pooped, i had given this Jomba my all. I threw myself in front of this giant artistic train called contemporary dance and it ran right over me…

Jomba 1, Juddy poo 0.
thats ok, ill be ready next year, oh ill be ready ohhaa haa hahha  haaa ohaa(evil laugh)

oh, and all these photos were taken by the amazing Val Adamson


2 Comments on “Mumbo jomba take 2, ying and yang.”

  1. Pops says:

    do you pay to see striking construction workers moving frantically around a stage, have the brain checked out lad because with all that shit happening on stage you could have watched a mushroom farm instead

  2. ewok says:

    Honesty, once again, pure simple honesty. Not that this implies that you are simple minded in any way. Simple honesty. Not simple minded honesty. Not in any way, not at ALL simple minded, never ever would I ever suggest such a thing as simple mindedness in reference to your simple honest approach to simple honesty. Never.

    But seriously, and I mean this in the best of terms and with absolutely no judgement cast on you WHAT SO EVER…but the Sharks second half was crap.